It was my birthday yesterday. Notmuch you can do when it falls on a weekday and that the first one of the week as well. Everyone was working so there was no point in me taking the day off of work.

Wasn’t the best birthday I have ever had. The AP kicking off and upsetting everybody. My mum writing an emotional message in my card about how me not being married is very upsetting for her. As you know being 32 and unmarried in Asian culture is a big no no. She’s upset at herself. All every parents wants is to see their children settled down. This set me off in tears for disappointing her. For not being good enough to attract someone of our own culture. She didn’t do it in a malicious way – my mother does not have a malicious bone in her body. I told Baba about this and he got upset because she doesn’t see him as a marriage candidate.

With the AP yelling at my non AP parent, Baba sulking, my family going through a stupid amount personal issues, there wasn’t much to celebrate. In fact, I may have cried myself to sleep.

But I am not ungrateful. I am loved by so many – it may not be apparent but there are people with much less than me who are far more thankful than I am. So I am thankful. Thankful for having my family around me, thankful I have a job, thankful that I am able to have a meal on my table when I feel like it. Thankful for being able to have lived another year.

Happy belated birthday to me.


Baba and I went to 2 weddings over the weekend for people that he knows. We hadn’t seen each other all week. I really think absence makes the heart grow fonder. Highlight was him making sure all my pieces of lamb were off the bone as he put it onto my plate. The simplest gesture with massive amounts of love.

On another note, S text me yesterday. I am used to the Happy New Year/Merry Christmas texts – I haven’t ever once responded to any of them. And I always assumed them to be generic – sent to everybody in his phone book. But this one, this one was different. “Hello stubborn female”. Really? What does he expect? For me to text back and forgive him? Let him back into my life.

I won’t respond but I hate when he does things like this. Throws me off my path in life.

2014 – the year so far

It has been nearly three months since my last post. I haven’t really had anything to write about. I think that might be because I am happy. I mean, I am secure in my relationship (apart from when those odd moments where I feel as though I am not enough but those are quickly sorted with a chat and a few tears). Things at home are good *touch wood*. Work is going good – I’m being kept busy and there is plenty more travel on the cards. Things could always be better but I won’t complain.

The New Year came and went in spectacular fashion. I was at home on midnight NYE with my siblings and parents, watching the fireworks on the telly and gave them all a kiss before I headed up to bed at 12:30. I am the last of the great party people(!). A dying breed!

I cannot remember when I became so emotional. Seriously. It’s like my heart wants to burst at times. This morning, I dropped my siblings to a station (because of the crappy tube strike in London – bastards, the lot of them for making my siblings inconvenienced!) It was so early and cold and I felt soooo bad for them. I welled up a little bit. I know I mollycoddle them a bit. I don’t like to see them struggle. In fact, I don’t like to see anyone struggle. I am the same with all my loved ones. Even strangers. If I can help somebody – I will try my best.

There are times when I become so sad though. For no reason. Everything makes me cry. Happy things make me cry. SERIOUSLY! I am a wreck.

My evenings are spent playing Nintendo wii with the siblings. Baba is also busy – things have improved for him recently and i think he is at a better place in life. A happier place. His past has damaged him. I don’t think I was enough to bring him back from that. But he’s OK. And God willing, he will be OK in the long run. I have had doubts about us. The periods of time where I don’t see him but then I see him. I see the smile and eyes light up as he see me. The affection he showers me with and then I doubt my doubts.

I think I am appreciating religion more. Not so much my own but religion in general. I want to learn. I want to know everything about everything. And yet I need to find the time.

It is Baba’s birthday tomorrow and I have not organised anything. But that’s OK. Because I am pretty sure he’ll love me regardless!

AND – even though my siblings bully the shit of me (I’m the oldest!), they did buy me one ticket to go and see Beyoncé the day after my birthday. I am a happy bunny!

Perspective with Alcohol

The AP will never change. And it saddens me. They should know better but they don’t. But the worst thing about this is how I feel. I expect so much. I see a few “dry” days and my heart leaps with Hope. Hope that this is It. This time my prayers will have been answered. And the feeling I get when it isn’t It. The feeling of despair as I listen to the arguments. The criticism. The same shit on a different day.

And then I get a reality check. I see the news. I read about the lives lost in Phillipines. And it puts everything into perspective. That God has bigger problems to solve than that of my alcoholic parent.

So I deal with it.

What’s That?!

Oh you want me to go to Perth, Australia for business? And you’re going to pay for it?

But I’ve only been at the comapny 4 months – are you sure?

Wow – this is a great opportunity – thank you!


(How amazing that I get to go to the other side of the world ofr work related activities?! I think it’s my time to shine!)

I Never Knew There Was…

A Love Like This Before.

I am completely in love with Baba. To the point that when I hear his voice, it haunts me. It makes me crave him. To be near him.

There is not a moment of the day when I don’t think about him. It is usually fleeting but he is always in my thoughts and I can’t help myself.

Our relationship is comfortable again and slowly but surely I am starting to trust him again.

I know this makes me vulnerable and I can’t be sure that this love will not be the love that breaks me. But whatever happens, I know that I tried. I have truly loved and hopefully won’t have lost.

The Wrong Signature

Yesterday as I typed my (LONG) surname into an email, the spellcheck highlighted it. Now this is not strange as there are so many letters in it so sometimes I mistype them. As I checked, I coudl see that I typed it right so why hadn’t it been picked up by my aceepted words that are in the dictionary?


As I checked my email signature, I saw that I had typed my name in incorrectly the first time and this is what I had been sending out all this time.

#sadtimes when you can’t even spell your own surname.


My blogging has become so intermittent. I’m still reading all my regular blogs (thanks to Sarah and her blog roll!) but have hardly any time to comment or post myself!

The new job is keeping me busy and there is talk of travel to Australia – whether it materialises or not, the talk itself is enough to keep me motivated!

Baba is well. We are doing OK. Every day is hard. Purely because of the pressure I put on what I want out of this relationship. There have been times when I have questioned if I am with him because it’s better than being alone. I have read all the inspirational quotes about it being better to be alone but when we are together, it is so easy. Sometimes I think about if I just want to look after him. He is broken. I know I can’t fix him. But I want to look after him. Hold him and tell him that everything will be OK. That there is light at the end of the tunnel. I work so far from him now and seeing each other has decreased. I get tired. I can’t travel halfway across the city to see him. And the option of him coming to me is limited as I still live at home.

But that said – I am house/flat hunting! Property prices in London are CRAZY though! Partly because it is time to move out (but as an Asian girl who has been dedicated to her family all her life – this is so hard to think about!) but my family and I are getting on top of each other. What I used to appreciate as closeness is sometimes resentful. I don’t get the time to sulk after arguments. I am expected to be happy all the time. It’s hard. Sometimes, I want to sit in the living room and read my book. I just need some me time – ALONE. I know this sounds bratty. That isn’t my intention – you only have to read any of my family/sibling posts to know that I love them without a shadow of a doubt and wouldn’t be half the person I am today without them. But I want some space. To grow. To be able to enjoy my own company once in a while.

A New Beginning

I have decided to give him another chance. Well not so much another chance. We’re trying to be friends. We’re going on dates. I know – fool me once shame on me… but I need to try. Because I need to be sure.

It’s been tough. I mean – trusting him is hard. I mean – he is trying very hard. I haven’t let my guard down yet. I don’t know if I’m handling this the right way. I guess only time will tell.

But in other news – I have a new job. It’s my last week at my current one and I can’t wait. I’m hoping this new job will stimulate me a lot more mentally so I can kind of remove Baba as my emotional crutch. I need time to do my own thing and hopefully I’ll get it. It helps that Ramadan is starting. We won’t have to see each other as much.

In more other news – a little FB stalking tells me that S is now a father. I am truly happy for him. I think he’ll be an amazing dad. I want to speak to him to congratulate him but I won’t. I just hope that God has a way of letting him know that I am really pleased for him.

A crappy crappy blog post but hopefully a little filler for the time being! :)


I am confused. Heart broken and confused. Baba adamantly defends that he didn’t cheat on me. The other woman messages me every day – giving random updates about her life. And I know she is hurt. He hasn’t contacted her since she “alleged” his cheating. So I make the time to have conversation with her. She is a nomad – a loner and I feel bad. I have loved ones who make up for the lonely times – but she doesn’t. It’s hard – because had we met under different circumstances I think we would have got on well.

I don’t  know what to  believe any more. I have spent time with Baba since it happened. He was hospitalised a few days after it all happened. I should have left him to be cared for by his family but his sister called and said he was asking for me. I was so worried that I went. In hindsight, I am not sure if this was my best decision. But feelings don’t change overnight. And I would never wish ill health on anybody. If I can give the other woman the time to tell her story, I can give Baba the time to tell his side.

It’s hard because every time I see him, I want to hold him. I want to touch him. I want to kiss him. He seems like a broken man. Is that my fault for being distant? I want him to get better. I want him to achieve all his dreams. The ones we spent so much time making. So what if they’re without me? I was stupid to believe that I was enough for him. But do I believe him? He’s had a difficult life. A childhood that I wouldn’t wish on anybody. Sometimes I feel as though he doesn’t know how to appreciate love. Not his fault – but I have an overwhelming amount of love to give – to everybody but to those I care for – my love knows no bounds. As a result, it can be stifling. I don’t know. I am confused. And writing this post isn’t helping because I am at work and not writing properly.

The other woman seems so normal (but then I come across as normal to most)!). She’s also started writing a blog and shared it with me. She writes very well. I haven’t told anyone that I am talking to Baba. B would disown me. He knows what he’s losing. I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I am a good cup of tea.

I realise I am being naive. And perhaps too kind for my own good but I don’t think I can change this. Everyone deserves a chance. I can’t promise you that I will be with Baba forever and I can’tr promise you that I will ever know the truth. I have to take a chance. I’m not sure with what yet. When I realise, you will be the first to know.

“To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.” – Robert Muller”