A Case of the Horns

My (male) friend invited me out this weekend clubbing. I refused because I had other things on and to be brutally honest, I’m just damn lazy! Speaking to him yesterday, I asked him how his clubbing night was to which he replied “weird”. Not the standard response I’d usually expect so I probed some more. “People f**king – everywhere”. Now my ears perked up – which club was this?! WTF?! He replies “Didn’t I tell you it was a swingers club?!” Why the hell did you invite me?!

This is the one person who I can talk about sex, sex and more sex without feeling awkward or having the feeling that he’s judging me so our conversations can change from politics to sexually explicit fantasies in a matter of seconds . We actually spoke about what it was like. Apparently, you don’t have to actually swing, you can just watch or have sex with your partner or join in with others so long as there’s a mutual consent thing going on… though it’s nothing I’d probably ever do, I have considered what it would have been like to have been a fly on any of those walls!


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