No Means No

So why can’t I just say it?! I don’t know why this word doesn’t become me. I am the ultimate pushover! For example, I had a banging headache last night (BANGING!) but I’d made plans to go out with some friends for dinner (I use the term dinner loosely) but I thought, yeah, I can deal with that for a little while. Off we went and in the middle of it, one of them suggests that we should see a movie as well. Nothing too out of the ordinary but I’m one of these people who love my sleep. More so on weekdays when I know I have to get up and go to work the following morning so I knew that if we saw a movie after eating, we wouldn’t get home until well after midnight. Despite my brain saying no no no, the words that left my mouth were “Sure, why not?”. WHY?! Would it have been that hard for me to say “You know what guys, I don’t really feel like it tonight.” What’s the worst that could have happened? They could have told me I’m lame or that I sucked but that’s nothing I haven’t heard before! It’s not the first time I’ve done this either. I do it regularly. I try to accommodate everyone and everything. There are really not enough hours in the day for me to do this all the time.
Luckily, we ate faaaar too much and by the time we’d finished chatting and laughing, we’d missed the film (Yay!), and I made it home at a reasonable hour.

So now I’ve made a decision that if I don’t want to do it, then I damn well am not going to do it!

Well, I say this now…..


2 thoughts on “No Means No

  1. Hehe… I went through that stage.. think tolerance levels reduce dramatically as you get older n dont have the time to deal with the side effects of saying yes all the time.

  2. PM: I think so too! I’m sure I was so much more tolerant when I was younger. I hate the fact though that some people seem to act all offended when I do say no – as though “You’re not supposed to say that! You’re the pushover!”:)

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