Standing Back

I have to say that school kids annoy the hell outta me! I’m actually quite a tolerant person but do they seriously think they are THAT cool?!

Example – I was waiting for the bus this morning, minding my own business like I usually do and listening away to my iPod. There must have been about 8 school kids waiting at the bus stop as well. They each can’t have been more than 14 years old. Now we’ve had some stormy weather and blustery winds here in the UK which means that there have been huge puddles forming and winds making people fall about all over the place!

So the group of 14 year old girls decided to focus all their morning energy on a large puddle at the bus stop by wading through it which promptly resulted in cries of “Oh no, my socks are wet!”. Well WTF did you expect?! You just walked through a mass of water, don’t they f***ing teach you anything at school?! Even at home perhaps?!

The group of three boys were being loud and raucous and in general annoying the s**t outta me! But they noticed a fellow school mate whose hair probably looked something like some crazy ass person’s because the wind had played havoc with it. Rather than just letting it going and minding their own business, they decided to ridicule him, make comments like “You don’t wash your hair!” and tried to take photos of him in his windswept state on their mobiles to “show to the whole school”.

I know school kids will be school kids but to me this is just a form of bullying and I’m sad to say that I didn’t say anything. I don’t condone bullying in any form and I’ve seriously thought about going to the kid’s school and just exposing that stupid mofo who tried to take the picture! If that wasn’t bad enough, when they got off the bus, they decided to have a bit of a scuffle. I guess boys will be boys!

On a happier note, I helped a toddler down the stairs ysterday. She held my hand and said thank you! Melted my heart!


3 thoughts on “Standing Back

  1. Considering what boys usually get around to I seriously doubt the hair thing was a bullying. That kind of ribbing is usually the adolescent young man’s equivalent of small talk. Though I do admit there are times things are taken a bit too far.”I helped a toddler down the stairs ysterday. She held my hand and said thank you! Melted my heart!”That is just SO darn sweet….

  2. Confab – I certainly hope not! That would just be plain wrong!Dili – I don’t know. I think I would be able to recognise the difference and I think it would have been tolerable enough if they hadn’t pulled out the camera phone! And the following scuffle!What’s sweet – the fact I helped her or that she said thanks? 😉

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