With A Side Dish of Sex Please?

There’s been a little bit of debate whether mentioning the word “sex” in your title increases the number of hits that your blog receives here, here and here (read the comments as well!).
As Mr Selvarajah says sex definitely sells but what about all those people who clearly were hoping for something that little bit juicy? You know – some erotic tales. I mean, how disappointed would they be? But then I realised that many of these blogs that I’ve been reading are from those who are of Sri Lankan origin. Now I know a fair few of Sri Lankan people and I can firmly say that we’re not exactly the most prudish of people but are we ready to discuss sex so openly on the Lankan blogosphere?

So, with the illusion that I’m still anonymous, let’s talk about sex (but I’m not going to recall my experiences – I’m still a lady!)!

I haven’t had sex for a long time! I’m one of these people that truly believe that you can only have sex (make love) with someone that you have some kinda serious feelings for. For example – your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, hubby, long term partner (I really don’t like using the word partner but in times of everyone wanting to be PC, I might as well!) or friends with benefits.
For a long time, S was my friend with benefits and boooooy, were they good benefits! It worked because there was no awkwardness between us. We parted officially on relatively good terms, and it seemed inevitable that we would end up in bed together whenever we were in each other’s company. And because it wasn’t frequent, it was good.

And the act doesn’t have to be physical in order for it to constitute as sex. With all the advances in technology – I’m sure more than most have had cyber sex, phone sex or even text sex!

In reference to the title – we should learn to talk about sex. It shouldn’t be at the forefront nor the pin point of every conversation but kinda like a side plate – something that we can pick upon if we choose to in order to quench our hunger!


3 thoughts on “With A Side Dish of Sex Please?

  1. LOLI thought I was the only Sri Lankan girl walking the planet who had ‘friends with benefits’…glad to know I aint the only one supporting the said ‘relationship’ ;D

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