Broodiness begins!

I think I’m officially getting broody! YIKES!

Pleasant babies have always made me smile – I think it’s something to do with smiles being infectious. However, I see pleasant babies now and I can’t help but smile, be wistful and think to myself “I want one!”.

For example – the girl who held my hand as I walked down the stairs. She was beautiful – 🙂

This morning on the bus, there were two twin boys. One of them passed by this lady and said “Excuse me” (they can’t have been more than 6). Their mother asked did you say “Excuse me”? To which he replied “Yes”. She then asked if he said thank you, to which he replied “No”, and then promptly turned around to the lady and said “thank you” with the cutest toothless grin I have ever seen!

There are moments that I sometimes see which truly melt my heart. Things that probably make most of the other commuters think “She’s a crazy one!”. I have a soft spot for young siblings travelling together. The best is when I see an older sibling (about 12 or so), carrying their younger sibling’s bag and making sure that they hold their hand when cross the road or get on the bus. In general just looking out for their general welfare. It always makes me smile.

Does that make me sad?


5 thoughts on “Broodiness begins!

  1. ok I dont get it. Whats all that got to do with being broody or sad? Thats the kind of saccharine sweet stuff that’d make bulldog smile. 🙂

  2. Awww I have my maternal tendencies too….I usually kick myself and ask myself to grow up (and then I realize that it’s stupid coz I get them BECAUSE I am all grown up…*sigh*)

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