What would you do….

I recently came back from a group holiday and one of the ways that we kept ourselves occupied on the flight/coach journeys was playing “what would you do…?”. Basically this just involves one person asking another what would they do when presented with a certain scenario – e.g. “What would you do if you caught your father cross dressing?”. Or other random questions like “What would you do if you were faced with the choice of being bald or having a complete head of grey hair (that you can’t dye – you must make the stipulations!) and you’re only 17?” (you can see that we’re simple minds who are easily amused!).

But what about when the real life scenarios hit? What would you do?

Easter weekend presented me with a WWYD. Two of my best friends (RL and SS) recently decided to go their separate ways from their relationship. They’d been together for a long time and I’d like to say that it was a clean break up but there was a third party involved even though nobody cheated (physically).

It’s difficult as they’re both good friends of mine and I told them that I think their friends may struggle to cope more so then they will! However, I was out with RL at the weekend and the third party was also there. IMO, I felt as though they were getting a lil’ too close for comfort – I mean come on, you’ve only just broken up with SS, can we not give it a minute before you step on his grave?
Also, not everyone knows about the break up, so in behaving like this, it’s reflecting badly on them right?
So my WWYD, was what the f**k do I do?! I decided to have a chat with RL – tell them that they way that they were behaving was not cool, that they should have a bit of tact because they and SS have so many mutual friends in common! And you know what they said? They don’t want to be with the third party but can’t help acting like their other half. I’m sorry – WTF?! If you don’t want to be with them, then don’t behave like that. It’s quite simple. Distance yourself from them, don’t spend every waking moment talking to them. Those kinda actions definitely don’t make things easier do they?
I told RL this – as a friend I think that they needed to hear it, hear that I don’t think they were doing themselves any favours. And they had the audacity to throw it back in my face – that I should have been there for them? I’m sorry, haven’t I been? Have I not been calling you every other day to talk to you, to listen to you, to hear you try and justify that what you’re doing is right?

Anyways, whilst I was out this weekend, I overheard someone ask the third party if they would be attending a certain event this weekend. Apparently they can’t because they’re going to be elsewhere in the country. I didn’t think anything of it, but I asked RL if they was going to attend this event, and they said no because they would be in the same area as the third party! RL didn’t go any further but should I ask with whom they’re going? What if they lie to me? Do I mention any of this to SS?

Am I being too critical? Isn’t life supposed to be easier than this?


4 thoughts on “What would you do….

  1. Sounds messy. Stay out of it completely, don’t ask, don’t tell. Less hassle that way. The only thing worse than relationship/breakup fallout is getting involved in the fallout of someone else’s relationship/breakup šŸ™‚

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