The Outcome

Well, RL didn’t go to away for the weekend but that was probably due to circumstance rather than choice?

The weekend was pretty uneventful. I spent most of Saturday in bed, reading my book and listening to the rain against my window – how days off should be spent!
SS provisionally asked me to go out drinking in order to cheer themselves up so I said yes. By Saturday afternoon I hadn’t heard anything so organised something with RL but then SS called to confirm our drinks – Eeeeek! Being caught between them sucks! So I called up RL and cancelled (and felt crap).

Sunday, I volunteered to help out at the British Tamils NW London Athletics qualifiers. So what with not having enough sleep, the clocks also going forward and thus me losing an hour of my sleep, I dragged myself out of bed at a God forsaken hour.
Once there, I was appointed my initial role which was basically registering the participants. They’d set up the registration stall on the grass – real smart because after 15 minutes or so, my trainers were covered in mud and I had mud all around the bottom of my jeans… It all looked like it was going to flop considerably until a bunch of cute guys came and asked me to register them. Cue me trying not make any mistakes in a bid to appear competent. Thankfully, my friend was there to help me out as well. Whilst I was registering, I managed to engage myself in some witty banter – the cute guys laughed, smiled at me and generally were very pleasant. Excellent Scrumpy, you didn’t do too bad a job at making an impression!

After the registration, I was appointed tasks on the field. Excellent! I get to see the cute guys in action. All is not lost! At one point I was standing there, when one of the cute guys, walks past and says hello, asks me how I am and keeps looking back as he walks away! I swooned slightly. I know it probably means nothing but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a hot guy!

This wasn’t the highlight of the athletics meet though. For me, it was the under 10 year olds calling me “Miss” and me demonstrating how to participate in the egg and spoon race! So much fun!


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