“You are actually….

Younger than me. Stop telling me what I can and can’t do!”. One of the last sentences I uttered at my brother before we stopped talking 2 days ago! I think puberty hit my brother late (he’s 19). Shouldn’t he be nearing the end of all this teen angst and mood swing stuff? I don’t actually know why the way I live my life bothers him so much.

A quick introduction to the relationship between my siblings and I – it rocks! We are very close and in general we have a lot of fun. So the fact that this has happened pains me. I’m of the belief that my siblings have lived through some bad times of our lives together and through that (and amongst other things) have become my best friends. We’re like the 3 musketeers only a lot more cooler!

He’s got this huge chip on his shoulder like we’re all meant to bow down and listen to him just because he’s bigger than us and a lot more vocal!

It’s alright for him – he spends the whole day doing nothing (university break) so can talk/go out during that time. For me, I only have the evenings free and I can’t spend all of that time with you! For God’s sake – grow the fuck up!


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