The Second Coming of 2008!

It is Monday, the sun is shining and I am a happy bunny! Summer is pretty much right around the corner and I have a whole lot planned. How much of this actually happens though is dubious!

Happy belated New Year btw.

2008 is my year to do stuff! A whole load of stuff. I was a bit tired of waiting around for friends who would agree with the utmost enthusiasm that “We should do this” and “Yeah – that sounds awesome. I’m definitely up for that” and then when the time came; when I’d put my best efforts into researching and organising, they would flop! If it’s due to a lack of money, then I’d get it but most of the things I try and organise are usually free, I offer to drive wherever we’re going and if they’re not free, they are at least of minimal cost.

2007 was the year of flops – the only thing that did happen was my trip to Cuba and that was after a lot of planning and heartache! But this year is not going to be like that. This year – I’m going to launch it – even if it is by myself! So I did. At the beginning of the year, I signed up to a martial art and I’m still going (surprisingly!), I joined a local community youth group which helps the community and I’ve been going to Yoga classes (albeit – this is slightly flailing!).

I don’t think that’s too bad for the first three months of the year. And now that the summer is around the corner, on to other things. I’m going to go to the theatre – not just to see the big productions, but to see the random small scale ones in the local theatres, I’m going to go for random walks around London and it’s parks.
I’m going to take a day off work, pick up whatever book I’m reading at the time and head to the park and chill in the sun (well in the shade but in the warmth!).
I’m going to organise a random day out – be it to the planetarium, London Zoo, or a theme park. I’m going to visit museums and travel and basically do what I want to do without having to depend on others!
I’m also going to learn how to play a new instrument though this might have to wait until later on in the year when the Sun doesn’t coax me into going out all the time.

My ultimate goal is to organise a day of rounders/cricket/football in the park and manage to actually get a group of friends to come!

And I might even go speed dating – I don’t have much to lose I guess! Maybe I should cross this bridge when I come to it?


2 thoughts on “The Second Coming of 2008!

  1. There is one being organised… I think I’m also going to a Muslim one in a bid to support my friend. Apparently I can’t just watch and support her, I must take part! I’ll let you know how that goes if it happens! 🙂

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