A question I usually ask…

Myself is why don’t I have many female friends? I know the clichés about girls being too bitchy and they’re all out to stab each other in the back(!) and all of those… But seriously, I see the best in everyone until they prove otherwise. I’m one of those far too trusting souls, the ones who get hurt time and time again. I’m ever the optimist and I think it’s a role I shine in!

Don’t get me wrong, I have female acquaintances – the ones I see on the social circuit and I can have an amicable conversation with but friends – the ones I call and talk to about everything with no holds barred – there’s only two. Well, one really; but she is at least my best friend.

But now I know why. It’s because girls flop all the time! Going out requires so much organisation and so much attention to detail. With guys it’ll be like:

Me: “Shall we go out?”

Male friend (MF): “Sure – I’ll meet you at X at hh:mm and we’ll see how it goes from there.”

Me: “Cool – see you then and let me know if anything changes.”

With girls – it’s a whole other ball game:

Me: “Shall we go out?”

Female friend (FF): “Sure, where were you thinking?”

Me: “How about X? I’ll meet you there at hh:mm.”

FF: “There? Can we make it a lil’ earlier/later?”

Me: “Sure – “

FF: “I’ll tell A, B and C….”

Me: “Wicked, so X at hh:mm” (earlier than what I’d initially said)

FF: “Do we have to dress up?”

Me: “Whatever makes you feel comfortable”

FF: “How much money should I bring?”

Me: “About £30 maybe? We can get out more if we need it right?”

FF: “So X at hh:mm?”

Me: “Yep. I’ll let you know if anything changes.”

So, I put the phone down and get on with the rest of my stuff…

*Text message alert*
From AScrumpy, where we going? FF told me but what time and stuff? What are we going to be doing? Can we make it later?

*Text message alert*
From CB said FF said we’re going out tonight? I can’t make it unless you change it to dd/mm/yy.

*Text message alert*
From BC can’t come to X and I don’t know what to wear!

And this is probably all one week in advance of the said event! As it gets closer, it gets worse! By the time it comes around, I just want to cancel and have a quiet night in!

This isn’t the only reason but if I continue, the post will be just too damn long!


4 thoughts on “A question I usually ask…

  1. I beg to differ.. and your complicating things by not telling him. Guys by being simple can also be a bit dumb and not notice the obvious. So if theres nothing to lose.. just tell him!!

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