When Girls Don’t Flop!

I managed to organise a girly night out and guess what – it didn’t flop! *shock*

It showed all the signs of flopping believe me – about 50 texts were sent from me to the people attending (all 6 of them which then became 4) and all of this over the course of 24 hours. And because dates were confused, we ended up as 4. Oh well. Now as much as I like to dance and go clubbing, we decided to go bowling and dinner – a chilled one! I use the term dinner loosely because we ended up in Nando’s but dessert was at the lovely Waffle House in Bayswater! Mmmmm! As you can see, dessert was good :).

Whilst we were out – it hit me. I know why girly nights flop – it’s because we’re lazy. There is so much effort firstly to organise it, secondly the physical preparation, and thirdly the after event matters.

I’ve briefly covered the first here.

The second – we have to look good. Even if we’re only seeing the girls, there is a need to dress to impress. We’re constantly being judged and more so by our female counterparts. This means that we need to make sure we co-ordinate our clothes, make up, shoes and endeavour that our hair looks good! And that requires a whole load of effort on our parts especially if it’s only for girls!

Thirdly, we worry about getting home (a lot!). For the non drinkers, it’s not so much as we usually drive or are in a state where we can string together a few sentences but for the alcoholics, it’s a lot harder and safety is a BIG thing! So more often than not, we flop!

But despite all this, we do rock (sometimes!) :). We get what other girls think when they we feel threatened by that gorgeous girl that all the blokes pine after, we are more often than not always on hand to deal with break ups (although only those of our close friends), we are always clean and smell fresh (well more often than not), and we totally understand the pain and torture of high heels despite repeating “no pain, no gain” as our mantra!

Obviously there are more but some things are better left unspoken no?

Also – you know you’ve made it in the SL blogosphere when you make it onto someone else’s blogroll so thank you Dili! πŸ™‚
eta: Thank you also to Chaarmax! πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “When Girls Don’t Flop!

  1. “This means that we need to make sure we co-ordinate our clothes, make up, shoes…”LOL! When I read this I thought: How strange that her and her coordinate how they dress!! I then realized “we” meant females as a species…got it.Oh yes, the desserts do look great! I might have liked to see the colour though! πŸ™‚

  2. πŸ™‚ Awww I’m blushing….You’re most welcome. Its nothing really. Thanks for adding me me too.”…we totally understand the pain and torture of high heels despite repeating “no pain, no gain” as our mantra!…”I on the other hand will never understand high heels, looking good for friends, and women in general:)

  3. Ian: Co-ordinating to match each other is definitely a fashion no no! And I shall post a colour photo!Darwin: Awww, I’m not sure what a Google RSS feeder is but I think it’s something that let’s yo kow when I’ve updated? So thank you. And like I said to Ian, colour photos will be up!Dili: If I as a woman find it difficult to understand them, I can only imagine how hard it must be for you! And you’re welcome! πŸ™‚

  4. Ok short explanation is that it’s a feed reader (not a ‘feeder’!!), i.e. it takes the RSS feed from blogs (yours has one, in fact every blog has one) and brings it to my feed reader *Google Reader in my case*.What it means is that I don’t have to manually click on the blogs I read to check if there is fresh content. The feed reader checks this for me automatically and then brings that updated content full text for me to read. I used to have a bunch of blog on my blog but then I realised how pointless it was – I hardly ever use the links to go read a blog and it seemed redundant to have them both on my feed reader AND my blog. So now I’ve got no links to anyone on my blog, but I just have a number of favourite blogs I read on my Google Reader, and what I started off saying was, you were on that. Makes sense now?Read this if I didn’t do a good job at explaining! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS_(file_format)

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