Bananas and some randoms!

I hate them! I actually do. I’m on some kind of health kick at the moment (in a bid to look a lil‘ bit more flattering for the summer!) and I’ve decided to cut down on junk food and eat a lot more fruit and veg. What astounds me the most about this is how much I’ve kept to it. I’m having more than my 5 portions of fruit and veg a day(!) which is a big thing for me! However, my amma keeps trying to give me bananas (like I’m some kinda chimp!) and it pains me to eat them. With every bite, I generally feel queasy. I know there are those who are trying to sing the praises of bananas to their monitors but they just suck (IMO). My favourite fruit are pears. Ripe, juicy sweet pears. I can’t get enough and I might even make a pear crumble this weekend (I’ll try not to post any photos Chaarmax/Dili!).

On a totally different note – regarding the recent news in Austria which T has blogged about here – I was absolutely appalled! The fact that someone had the capability to do this and keep up this pretence for however long is a sign of the downward spiral in society. What kinda FUCKED UP SHIT is that man?! (Excuse the profanity)


7 thoughts on “Bananas and some randoms!

  1. weird things happen in this screwed up world!! I just can’t imagine how people can get the will to do them..sigh…as for bananas, I ain’t a fan either.. But I like to eat the long ones (anamalus) once in a while..:) and eventhough Bananas have a good fibre content, dietitians usually advice not to eat too much of bananas. there’s something about sri lankans and an overload of bananas which I’ll never understand!

  2. i hate bananas….in canada u only get the long yellow big ones so sometimes when my mum leaves the half un eaten i just eat it….but my uncle and dad are crazy banana eaters…its a srilankan thing for sure!

  3. LD: It’s completely effed up! I think it’s definitely a “my parent’s generation Sri Lankan” thing!Anon: Thank you! Not that I needed any more reason to avoid them!Parthi: As I sad to LD – must be that generation before us! 🙂

  4. Hi Just came across this post and wanted to share some info which I thought you might find helpful… Many people believe that just eating fruit helps you to reduce weight sadly it is not true… Specially fruits like bananas mangoes and grapes which are high in calories can be as bad as eating a high fat burger… I learned this the hardway the best fruits to eat are apples and oranges and pears which have lots of water in it…. hope you dont mind me sharing the info… as someone who is constantly fighting the battle of the bulge I felt it was important to share this.

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