And so it’s booked….

I didn’t want to take the time off work purely coz I wanted to go to India later on in the year but it seems I’ll have to take some unpaid leave to do both.

So I did it. I booked tickets.

My exotic destination?

Canada – two weeks. So I’ll be in Montreal and will hopefully get a chance to meet my fellow Canadian blogger and will travel around to Toronto. It’s a spur of the moment trip because some relatives are selling up and moving on so my mum wants to go visit. A girly trip with my mum, aunt and myself – I can’t wait!



8 thoughts on “And so it’s booked….

  1. I could do with a nice exotic holiday right now. Preferably somewhere with a long strip of beach. Sigh.Good on you, hope you have a good time!My dad suddenly wants to go to India in December, hopefully it’ll work out. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. Excellent!! Send me an email with the dates you’ll be around I’ll do my best to make arrangements to meet up! :)You can ask Darwin, I’m not that creepy! Ha ha 😛

  3. It’s such a nice feeling, to book a ticket and think to yourself ‘right, thats DONE’:) Hope you have a good trip and you manage to schedule up a meet with the1truecoolguy!

  4. He’s a bit shady, he turned up in Glasgow wearing that white tux and a pink pimpish hat with lots of bling. Goodluck!I’m only joking, he’s not too creepy at all 😀

  5. Gutter: I know how you feel – sandy golden beaches would be great! Hope the trip to India works out!Ian: I will let you know and erm… let’s hope you’re not too weird!Darwin: On your head be it!LD: Thank you.Rasti: But unlike the UK you at least get sunshine that is deserved of the Summer season! 🙂

  6. The weather is only just getting warmer here 😀 If your coming in June it will be nicer, but I don’t think Montreal is as warm as where I am (I’m in a lil’ place in Ontario btw). But Montreal is a lovely city, so you should have a great time 🙂

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