I’m not one for…..

Posting more than once a day – hell, sometimes I’m lucky (you guys not so much!) if I post once a week but I think I need two separate posts today. Not because I’m going to write about anything spectacular or that the post will be too long that I need to split it up. It’s purely because I wanted my next post just to have it’s own little moment of glory!

I am absolutely loving the weather here at the moment. I believe it hit 28 degrees Celsius yesterday (well that’s what my car temperature dial thing said) which is amazing. It also meant that I couldn’t do anything too exhausting (not that I usually do!). So the weekend was a laborious one of chilling and partying in the Sun.

Friday night was spent getting rid of clothes and shoes for charity. I pulled out my whole wardrobe and gave away what I didn’t need or haven’t worn for the best part of 2-3 years. I also managed to give away a whole heap of shoes. Needless to say, I managed to fill quite a few bags and my wardrobe is much lighter because of it.

Saturday – Going outside wasn’t an option because it was a lil’ too hot so I stayed indoors in the shade and watched One Tree Hill until it was time for me to get ready.
We were celebrating a friend’s 26th b’day and his GF had booked us a booth in Sitaaray. Basically centered around Bollywood, the restaurant had booths dedicated to heroes, heroines and of course villains. We were sat in the heroes booth and the amount of pictures surrounding us were immense!

Now I don’t know too many Bollywood heroes apart from the painfully obvious ones of Sharukh, Hrithik and Amitabh but I do know Kollywood so I got über excited at seeing Rajani (above) and Kamal (obviously below) also featured.

A good start to the evening was had due to the Mojitos that were consumed…. The various flavours available at Guanabara keeping it popular as per usual! (L-R: Normal, mango, 2 x passion fruit)

An extremely fun night of how life should be in the sunshine! 🙂

Sunday – I went to a family BBQ. Not my family but B‘s – I love how I’m a part of her family! 🙂


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