My Ten Things….

I have been tagged here by RD but being fairly new to blogging, I think (and guess) it means that I do my ten random things that make me feel happy? Well:

  1. My siblings – whether we arguing or laughing or discussing the news randomly, our conversations are the best!
  2. People with manners – those that hold doors open for people, people that say please and thank you and those that let the elderly get on a bus in front of them no matter how long they’ve been waiting.
  3. Rain – not the soft spitting kind that really annoys you by leaving marks on your glasses but the heavy rain. The one that comes with thunderstorms and lightening. The one where you can go outside and splash about in the huge puddles that form.
  4. My mum and dad – Especially when they try to use words (London slang) when they talk.
  5. Random lyrics – Listening to a tune on my iPod and the words suddenly make sense (but so different to what I’d been singing for the last few months or so) and they are soooo random!
  6. People who are first on the dance floor – Because they don’t care whether anyone is watching.
  7. Reruns of Friends – Because I know the lines by heart and yet the jokes still make me crack up every time!
  8. Pokes from long forgotten friends on FB – simply because it means they thought of me and makes me think of them. A touching thought.
  9. Books – Most kinds that allow me to have moments out of reality and smile to myself.
  10. Texts from a crush.

Hope this will suffice RD… what happens now? Is this like a game of tag? Do I have to tag others?


9 thoughts on “My Ten Things….

  1. Elhamza: I tag thee!RD: Again, thanks for the taggage! And I’m wiser now for next time round.Gutter: Friends is too funny :)Dili: DVDs or on TV – doesn’t matter – the fact that it rocks too much is all that counts! :-PLD: Not a Friends fan? šŸ˜› I’m glad you like the rest!Indyana: Spoken like a parent! šŸ™‚

  2. Scrump, that was not me trying to go 1 up on you, that was me tellin you that me going to all the expense and trouble of buying 10 Friends seasons on a students meagre budget shows how much i love the show šŸ˜› šŸ™‚

  3. ah I so agree with number 7..I wish i could remember my books as well as i remember F.R.E.I.E.N.D.S. Friends crack me up.. and i have downloaded all 10 seasons.I cannot go to bed without watching one episode.. yeah I know I am addicted to friends:D

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