Here’s the thing…

I like you. A lot.

I know we’re friends and you don’t see me in that way.

I know I’m not your type.

I know that my friends think that I can do better. But they don’t know you like I do.

They don’t see the guy who doesn’t want to become emotionally vulnerable by showing too much of himself.

They don’t see the guy who makes me laugh. Who makes me forget about my worries.

They don’t see the guy who has ambitions. You don’t show that side of yourself to them.

I also know that you do my head in.

I know that you trust me with things that I’m not allowed to tell another soul.

I know you’ve said I’m the Yin to your Yang. That I’m your better half.

I know you don’t know that it crushes me when you tell me this. That you don’t know how I’m feeling inside.

I know that you’ll meet the girl who’s meant to be but is not me.

But I had to tell you. If only to extinguish the “what if?” hope that lies within. 😦


15 thoughts on “Here’s the thing…

  1. I read your post and felt that someone heard my thoughts and penned them down. I just had the guy of my dreams dump me last night (I’m his best friend) so that he can give another chance to his ex, who not only makes him unhappy, but will not commit to a future with him.Is he happier with me? Without a shadow of a doubt. Am I the ying to his yang? Most definitely. Does he know it? Of course. I know in the deepest chambers of my heart that I am the girl for him. Yet…men will be men. Perhaps I’m just not pretty enough, who knows?At least I tried my level best to make him understand. Make him see…so perhaps 50 years from now at least, he might realize what he let go.Going by your writing, I’m hoping that you’ll come clean with this guy, and tell him how you truly feel. The ultimate choice may be his, but at least you gave your heart a fighting chance.

  2. I wonder if guys feel like this too. I felt every single word of what you’ve written like little knives piercing my heart because I feel exactly the same way. I even posted something about girls making the first move because I can’t stand not knowing. How can someone who has so much in common with me not see me for who I am? Sigh. I like him. A lot. Just like you said. Sucks huh? 😦

  3. Tell tell tell Scrump. Enlightenment strikes guys many a different way. Sometimes its after a colossal jolt out of nowhere. If you’re the Yin to his Yang, theres something there. Maybe he just never realised…

  4. Tell him about your feelings. It’s better to tell and find out whether he likes you or not than not tell him and ponder about the what ifs and what could’ves for the rest of your life…If the feelings are not mutual…just move on and feel sorry for him for missing out on a really great gal.

  5. You should definitely tell him. Trust me…we DON’T get hints, especially when the girl is a friend…there’s too much confusion wiht trying to figure out wiht the fear of losing the friendship…and besides if he says your the ying to his yang…he likes u but isnt sure that you like him…we’re dense that way:)

  6. Chaarmax: If I send him the link, it menas I won’t be able to blog as openly about otehr stuff. But you’re right, “IF” can play a big part.Darwin: I know, I know!QFAP: That sounds like a real sucky situation to be in. I hope it works out for you.TMS: Sucks is a major understatement.Dili: Maybe…Anon: Thank you!N: Last I heard – you stopped blogging? (Btw, your blog rocked!) Thank you for taking the time to comment! But like you said there is that fear of losing the friendship.A lil’ situation update: I am going to tell him. I’ve realised that if I don’t, then the chances of me getting any closure are slim to none. It might break my heart but I will tell him. I’m just not sure when! Thank you for all your kind comments! Bless you! 🙂

  7. I understand now what you meant when you said your going through something similar. But I think its more intense in your case…as in, I think your closer with the guy…If he saw this post, I think he would understand 🙂 Hopefully…Good luck to you as well! Hope it works out 🙂

  8. Guys dont think the wy u grls think. They dont give into what if’s.. they get into what if’s only when they have nothin to lose, not when they will lose all they have..I let someone make the first move, we both ended up with broken heart. I lost a good friend. U’d find my rise and fall tru out ma blog.. :-)but a guy who is close to u wud always knw abt ur feelings for him, he is just waiting for a sign to know if he should make a move…i think u shud go ahead find out abt ur wat if??

  9. I know everyone says tell away.. but have you thought of the fact that things might change if you do tell him?I kinda did this with a new friend.. kinda doesn’t always work out the way you want.. telling is a means to an end, which end? I hope for yoursake it’ll be a good ending.I dont think mine is right now nor do i think it’ll improve.Before this, i was with my best friend for 4 years! I got dumped :)one of the shittest feelings in the world.. and getting dumped by the best friend means.. you lose both the girl and the friend.Just think about what you might lose if you say it…thats all 🙂

  10. Thackshila: I guess you could say that….N: Thanks! :)Pumudu: Thank you.~lo$t $oul~: I can but try!Meese: I have thought about it. A lot! I know that it’s inevitable as well that things will change. But I’d rather know than not know what could have been! 😦

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