“You’re such a fatty!”.

“Goodnight fatty”.

“Love you my fatty”.

Fatty is not a derogatory term in our house – not even in our family to be honest with you. I don’t know when we made the transition from using “fatty” as an insult into one filled with love, endearment and affection.

And this doesn’t mean that we’re fat. Far from it. We use it on anyone who deserves it – regardless of shape and size which clearly shows that we’re not discriminating!

It’s become such a frequently used word that my friends have also been on the receiving end of it a few times.
I remember how it panned out a few times, that awkward silence on my part for having let it slipped out, the indignant silence on their part for me to retract the statement (which doesn’t happen) and then the feeling of being included once I explain the meaning behind the word.

Calling my friends “fatty” now usually incites a reaction along the lines of “Awwwww – you called me fatty, you love me!”. Anyone who’d be listening on our conversations would be slightly surprised to say the least.

Oh well, happy reading my fatties! 🙂


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