Tales of Kickboxing and a Rhino

A random title for a random post! This will probably be the last one before I leave for my holiday so it might explain why it’s a bit random.

I’ve been kickboxing since January (this could have and probably should have been included in my random 7 things! I only started it as part of my get fit campaign. In hindsight, it’s quite clear that I didn’t think it through. I mean, I chose a sport where they make you do thousands of push ups, sit ups, star jumps and on top of that – people get punched in the face! Quite frankly, my face doesn’t need that!
If you watch me as I’m watching the others in my class spar, you’ll see that I flinch a lot more than they do and they’re the ones who are getting hurt! I feel their pain. I empathise so much – you’d think it was me out there!
Yesterday I had a grading – basically a test to see if you can wear the next colour of belt up. To pass this, you have to know certain combinations and exhibit a range of moves.
I was dreading it, the first couple I’d had were reasonable. But last night was awful. I didn’t remember anything. I told them as well that I wasn’t ready for it. I had to do an infinite number of press ups, and I had my Sensei telling me not to smile at him as I was miserably trying to remember combinations! Somehow it all came flooding to me right before the end of the grading so I upped my game about 40%.
Putting me out of my misery, my Sensei told me to stand in the middle of the do-jo in front of the class. As I walked up to him, we went through the motions of bowing to each other.
Sensei: “You failed.”
Me: “Fair enough” gutted that I had been put through the torture all in aid of nothing. As I turned round to walk off…
Sensei: “Only joking!”
Me: “So not funny!” elated that I’d passed! I think he only passed me out of pity though. But I’ll take it! A pass is a pass right. And all this for a yellow belt! I’m still about 6 belts away from being a black belt!

And the rhino? Well, I had a dream about 2 nights ago and I’m still surprised I remember it two days later! I usually don’t even remember them when I wake up!
I was standing at the top of some kind of beach resort. Down below, I see all the holiday makers enjoying the sun, and there is a pier of some sort. In the distant horizon, I see a rhino hurtling through the water straight at the pier. Trying to film this on my camera and issue some kind of warning to those down below, I snap at somebody next to me who’s shouting at me to film/take pictures of them! The rhino hits the pier as the holiday makers attempt to flee. And then the rhino runs along the coastal beach line with the pier trailing behind it before entering the water again and disappearing.

I’m not usually one to concentrate on things like this but I’ve not been able to get it out of my mind!
Completely and utterly bizarre!


8 thoughts on “Tales of Kickboxing and a Rhino

  1. Err… pls remind me NOT to mess with you. 🙂 And I humbly apologize if by any chance I have wronged you, in anyway. The last thing I need is a crazy kick boxer chick, who’d probably punch my lights out, and then say “sorry”. 🙂

  2. Why havent i linked to you before? this blog rocks!!!…this is what happens when the parents refuse to buy ADSL! you miss out on nice things like kickboxing bloggers and their crazed rhino dreams! if its any consolation i had a canary on a rope in one of my dreams…it was big yellow and MINE!!! Muhahaha…hope your not an animal rights activist…if so…like charrmax…im sorry…i was only joking about the canary….i wouldnt DARE think of tying up a bird…no siree…not me!!! heheh….well this is turning into a email so i better run along! Takecare and DO have a great day! Cheers, cherrie!Kaiser!

  3. Chaarmax: Am I that transparent? Do you watch my classes? Seriosuly – everytime I punch or kick someone, I apologise. I say sorry far too much! Don’t worry though – you haven’t offended me (yet). ;-)Dili: Trying to figure out the meaning of my dream huh?!N: It was kind just running on water – come to think of it – it might have been a surfboard! ;-)Kaiser: Thank you! And don’t worry – I’m not really a violent person. 😉

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