The Wanderer Returns

With regard to this, I’m back. I didn’t realise how many blogs I read until I came back and realised that I have an ginormous amount to catch up on!

Canada was awesome! I had the most amazing time and not because I was out partying every night with my friends or seeing hot guys everywhere but because I was with my family. It was that much nicer because it was my dad’s side of the family. 3 of his brothers, his nieces and nephews and for me that means a lot of cousins to hang out with.

I could blog about the whole trip but that would be completely boring for you guys., Instead a few highlights:

  • Arriving to find my cousin and uncle had come over from the USA to spend a whole week with us.
  • Road trip from Montreal to Toronto whilst listening to my aunts and uncle singing old school classic Tamil movie songs.
  • Seeing my *not really but kinda* grandparents in Ottawa.
  • Getting offered a job in Ottawa.
  • Meeting a fellow blogger in Montreal. Ian is lovely – bless his heart. The best part about meeting him though is the interrogation I received from my uncle. “Is he a gangster?!” – No, “How do you know him?” – I just do, “Where are you going?” – I’m not sure, “What are you doing?” – Again, still not sure. “Fine. Leave me his phone number and yours.” – OK….. And then watching him hover in the living room when Ian came to pick me up!
  • Watching my mum and aunt run through Trudeau Airport for our return flight and then being picked up by one of those people carrier vehicle thingies! So funny to watch!

These are just a few and I will get around to uploading some pictures soon. However, what’s praying on my mind now is – the job offer! I wouldn’t mind relocating to Canada but the implications behind it.. Am I ready for that kind of move?

Maybe I should give it a go – so I’ve decided to apply for a whole load of jobs out there. I’ve got nothing to lose right?


8 thoughts on “The Wanderer Returns

  1. Ian is the ‘first’ for both of us, hey we have that in common! (that came out sounding dirtier than I intended, but you get what I mean!). Glad you had a good trip!WRT to the job offer, I’d totally go for it. You’re only young once, and it’s a pain to move someplace new when you’re older and more established. If you don’t do it now you probably never will!

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, you have nothing to lose but to gain a lot of love coming to Canada! AND if you got a job offer with just visiting, you are very marketable.. so I guess give it a shot!!!

  3. same pinch! i was in ottawa for a couple days last week but it rained so much that i couldn’t even go and get a beavertail 😦 so in a grumpy rage i decided that i don’t like that place.

  4. Darwin: He was indeed! Can I brave the winter season though? My mind is there already but my heart not so much yet!Isheeta: Thank you! :)RD: It’s nice to be back. I will let you know how it all pans out!DDM: It didn’t rain once whilst I was there but I was only in Ottawa for a day! Pretty much a retirement town IMO.SC: You’d hate me? But why? And Rasti sounds like fun! 🙂

  5. ZOMG! Spectral. HOW DARE YOU! Colombo Rasti and Toronto Rasti are TWO different creatures.*sigh*Actually they’re exactly the same ;)Scrumpy, glad you had a good trip! The weather seriously is not that bad, if you can deal with the bleak British weather you’ll be fine here. At least we have the SUN.

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