Not So Fast This Time Around

I’ve had a tough few days. Seriously, I’ve just come back from holiday, anticipating another one and trying to fit my work around my social life (people actually missed me!)!

Apparently, in preparation for the trip, B insists that our livers need preparation. Now I can see why there would have been a need for this. I’m not a big drinker. Don’t get me wrong, I can handle my drink but I don’t drink often. Try once or twice a year. In fact, I would avoid it if I could but there are some social situations that require me to be under the influence! Here would have been good but I don’t think it would have gone down too well!

So Tuesday night (a school night – what was I thinking?!), I went out and got hammered! And I know I was hammered because I chatted up the barman and pretty much had my flirt on! God, I’m such a floozy!

Up at 6 (mental I tell ya!) with not so much of a hangover but I think that’s because I took 2 paracetamol before I went to sleep! B however, could not lift her head off the pillow!
I had an appointment at 8:45 which I thought was at 9:30 but yet only 5 minutes late! I surprise myself sometimes!
Struggled through yesterday at work due to lack of sleep and then I went Tamil Speed Dating. That’s right – I went again. A friend (A) was organising so I said that I’d go and help out. B also came and the first thing she did when we got to the venue was order cocktails! Seriously a bad influence on me!

There was a good turnout but when A told me I had to take part – well that kinda screwed things up!
Me: “But why?”
A: Coz there’s not enough girls!”
Me: “But why?!”
A: “Do it!”

I wasn’t ready for it again! Not so soon anyway. However it turned out that there was an equal number and I wasn’t needed! Excellent! The end of the night, I managed to mingle with the guys (and the girls) so it wasn’t a wasted opportunity.

My only problem is that Sri Lankan guys always seem so damn short so I need to find a tall-ish one or I’ll never be able to wear heels again!

Only thing is – I might have made all this up as the barman from last night added me on FB today – maybe I had more than one cocktail!


13 thoughts on “Not So Fast This Time Around

  1. N: Oh man -s uch a shame. We coulda had something! :-PDili: But you are nice and tall! Wanting more is just depriving N of a few inches that he could have!LD: Interesting is one way of describing them. See – you’re lucky!TLF: Not that scary. And yes – floozy is a good word! 😛

  2. shortness… is a brown thing! Its only the ones that have been born and raised on hormoned meats found in europe or the americas that they are tall!

  3. Doesn’t it just rock being tall? :)And dude, tall Sri Lankan guys do NOT exist. The few who profess to be tall are a paltry 5’8 or there abouts. And trust me, that ain’t tall. :p

  4. Confab: It does have some perks yes! And please prey tell, where are the tall SL men hiding?!GF: I used to have a real complex about it – but I love it a lot now! 🙂 (Not that I’m that tall but taller than most!)

  5. @GF: Well I’m 6′. is that tall enough? Thing is all my friends in school were my height or taller, (Ding being an exception to the rule) so I always wanted a few inches more. Tallest guy I knew was 6’4″ and I know thats definitely tall. @GF+Scrump: Out of curiosity, just how tall r u 2 anyway? 🙂

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