Memories Are

  • Star gazing on a roof top terrace in Cuba and seeing shooting stars.
  • Playing Macgyver in my aunt’s back garden and crawling through the hole in the fence – times when getting covered in dirt didn’t matter!
  • My brother and sister thinking that flashing lights from oncoming vehicles in Nuwera Eliya (in the mountains) were strikes of lightning!
  • Late night phone calls to that someone special.
  • Getting ready with the girls for a night out.
  • Building the shed with Appa.
  • Family barbecues.
  • Sandwiched between Amma and Chithy on a trans-Atlantic flight.
  • Laughing at random Tamil films.
  • All 5 friends in one car getting road rage.
  • Driving around a roundabout the wrong way in a foreign country.
  • Water fights at the height of Summer randomly in parks/streets!
  • Bouncy castles at Winter balls.
  • Backstreet Boys concerts.
  • Getting a foot massage in a cab (not from the driver!) after a night out.
  • Walking in the rain.
  • Reaching my 50th post!

4 thoughts on “Memories Are

  1. Heythanks for the comment (:haha tamil films tend to be quite random with their jokes =/I learnt tamil by watching those stupid things :DI still can't pronounce the words properly though =/anywayscongratulations on your 50th post :)my blogs about to reach 6000 hitsI'm so excited >.<

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