That wasn’t…

My 50th post!

Apparently this one is! Well, that was a bit lame wasn’t it?!

Anyways – I have a job interview next week. I haven’t told my current employers that I’m looking for a new job. Should I? I don’t have the heart to mention it just yet. My line manager is lovely but my job is driving me insane! 😦


7 thoughts on “That wasn’t…

  1. Perhaps you should let him know. Then it would give your manager time to look for a replacement ect. Better than BAM, here sir is my letter of resig, Cya! A head’s up is better huh? 🙂

  2. Hey does that mean i reached 50 before you!! haha.. and hmmm yeah i understand your situ.. better not tell her anything till your sure of leaving.. that way you wont create any bad blood if you have to stay..

  3. Deecee: I know but I don't want to burn any bridges. I might not even get the job!Angel & LD: Thanks!The Whackster: I guess you did! So sad! :-PExactly why I haven't mentioned anything yet!

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