The Great in Britain

There aren’t too many thing that Britain are good at. I mean – you only have to look at our constituent states (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and their football teams to know that we’re a tad rubbish. Our cricket team don’t fare too badly but it’s so few and far between. And we’re pretty much rubbish at most other sports!

This is why I love the Olympics – because it’s gives the underdog nations a chance to show the world what they’re good at. OK – so it’s in China and we should have all boycotted it blah, blah, blah…. But it’s such good entertainment!

I’m so impressed with Team GB. So much so that I’ve decided that I’m going to be nicer to all the cyclists on the road! Seriously!

I’ve been engrossed with Beijing 2008 since the opening ceremony. I mean – how on earth is London going to pull off anything half as good to compete against that?!
I’ve enjoyed watching the swimming and gymnastics (have you seen the bodies of the men?! Michael Phelps can swim with me anytime!) not to mention that I’m looking forward to the rest of the athletics – Usain Bolt’s 200m dash and as always the 4x100m relay!

This isn’t really a post that’s meant to summarise the Olympics but just one that says I’m happy for Team GB. Third in the medal table and hopefully that’s how we’ll end it. Even if we don’t – GB still smashed it! 🙂


One thought on “The Great in Britain

  1. Well did you see the closing ceremony? For me the highlight was Jimmy Page on that double decker! So that’s what England’s gotta do to compete. Just have a Led Zep reuinion concert. Better still get other good bands and have a festival :)Anyways I totally regret not being able to watch much of the Beijing Olympics at all 😦

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