There is a lot to be said for impromptu days off. By now you may have gathered that I dislike my job. So much so that I even considered leaving without not having another job to go to (drastic I know but needs must.)!

Yesterday, my manager wasn’t in and neither was his secretary. So, I skived off work early. And what did I do? I went and watched a Tamil film (Sathyam) at the cinema with RL.

I love going to the cinema when it’s just me and maybe three other people in the cinema. Some of my friends enjoy going on the release dates of films but for me that just doesn’t work. The fact that I have to get there early to ensure that I get tickets let alone good seats and then not having any elbow space – yeah, it’s not for me!
So there we were yesterday, propped up against each other, legs over the seats in front of us and that complete comfortable silence that needs no explanation.

And what a Tamil film it was. Not because it followed the normal plots of boy meets girl, fall in love, face adversary from parents and all that typical stuff but because it contained a hottie! How hot is Vishal?! I think there was a scene where they ripped the shirt off of his body and usually these scenes make me wince but the lustful “Oh” that left my mouth just shows that I’m in heat (and that is an altogether different post entirely)!

Days that flow with no sense of planning are the best!


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