Does it? Can it? Could it?

Work that is?

“You’re beautiful.”

“You can’t say things like that – you’ve only seen some photos!”

“But you talk beautiful and you sound beautiful.”

Arranged marriages – do they? Can they? Could they?


8 thoughts on “Does it? Can it? Could it?

  1. I used to laugh at even the thought of arranged marriages… But it seems like a lot of people are not really looking to connect.. they are looking for a list of things they want from a marriage.. so if the arranged marriage gives them that list its cool.. or they won’t do it. But if you are looking to connect.. then, arranged or not.. I guess you have to spend loads and loads of time.. and just see how right and snug it all feels.. isn’t it?

  2. Uhu: I think t hat they are a feasible option of marriage. I mean, like you say – people have a list of things that they would like/expect from a marriage so if it helps them get as close to that list as poss then why not?Nifraz: Talk, talk! But yes – like a lottery that I’m probably never going to win!

  3. it could.. it can… it does.. kinda.. perhaps.. well.. sorta.. almost.. :Di think there has to be a kinda compromise between both forms.. meetin someone thru an ‘arrangement’ is fine, but in da end u need to feel tat connection too.. n if its ‘the one’, u wont need years n years to feel tat..

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