I’m So Easy!

Yeah, that’s right. I said it – I’m easy.

I give too easily.

I give in too easily.

I give up too easily.

What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I be more aloof? More stubborn perhaps?

Why do I wear my heart on my sleeve? That makes it prone to getting hurt so much quicker and so easier.

Why do I trust so easily?

Why do I see the best in everyone? Why must they prove to me otherwise and make me question my judgement?

Why am I so easily pleased?

Am I settling? In life? With friends? With love?

Why must people mess with my feelings?

I know I’m easy – I’ve already said it. But you shouldn’t take advantage of that. Not as my family, my friend or even my lover.


10 thoughts on “I’m So Easy!

  1. Hello Scrumpulicious, It is because you are a good person. We all should trust people but our animal instincts kick in most of the time and we behave worse than Cerno’s dog. But the world is a nice place with people like you. Be strong.

  2. Dili: Great minds and all that!Uhu: Definitely not! It’s bad enough that they are! :-PLD: A woman after my own heart!MC: That’s comforting in a weird warped sense!Sapphira: There’s far too many of us clearly!QFAP: Like I said to Dili – great minds and all that jazz and thank you for the nicely written comment!Kalu: Yay! You’re back! Thank you for your kind words.Angel: Lol – I’ll try not to! 🙂

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