I’m going away again. Nowhere new but still another trip.

I’m off to New York in December for 6 days with my siblings. Taking advantage of the BA sale – that’s me! You got to get it where you can right?

I love New York. It’s one of my most favourite places that I’ve been to. I know it’s a big city that multicultural which doesn’t make it all that dissimilar to London but there are differences. The fact that I can step onto the street at 4:00 and still find yellow cabs buzzing all around, it’s the home of Friends and Ugly Betty, the sights – The Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero to name but a few and last but by no means least – the accents!

I am a sucker for nice accents. A few that do it for me (and believe me they do!):

  • New York(an)
  • Chicago(an)
  • Toronto(an)
  • French – oh dear Lord!
  • Spanish
  • Welsh

Couple any of these with a tall, dark(or fair), handsome man with manners and a beautiful voice – well I’m pretty much smitten!

Know anyone like that?


5 thoughts on “Oui/Si/Yes

  1. ~ lo$t $oul ~: Why must you tease me like that?! So unfair!QOTDA: If and when I find him – I will let you know! Thanks!Angel: Let us hope! Thanks.GF: Well, you got to whilst you can right? :-PAnd will deffo let you know! πŸ™‚

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