Giving In

The things with the new guy didn’t work out. Oh well. What is meant to be will be I guess. I can’t say that it’s not disappointing because he was tall and nice enough looking and we did get on quite well. But maybe arranged marriages aren’t for me! In all honestly, I’m not even that beat up about it. You know the whole, if you fall off the horse (or is bike?!), you get back on and ride it kinda thing!

That’s not where I’m giving in though. I have a hot hot neighbour (C). Seriously, he’s so hot(it’s clearly been far too long!). He’s tall, dark and handsome. So tall – like 6’0! Since I’ve moved to this street, he’s been one of the few people who’s actually taken the time out to talk to me. He’s actually my friendliest neighbour! At first, I thought it was neighbourly banter. Neighbourly banter turned to harmless flirting. And now harmless flirting has led him to asking me out. You know that whole “You don’t shit on your own doorstep” (man, I am full of clichΓ©s today!), so I said maybe another time. And that was about a year ago. And yet, still C hasn’t given up. That’s not my only reason though.

C is of a different ethnicity. And I have always been more skewed towards the idea of engaging in a relationship with someone of the same ethnicity. Purely because I love my culture and my language and I want to share that with someone who’ll get it (another post altogether!). So I never ever really considered it. But C is determined I think. So much so that every time I see him, we flirt (I’m good at that!) and he always asks when I’m going to let him take me out and I’ve always politely declined.

Recently, I’ve been thinking to myself – maybe I’m asking for too much to find someone who shares my culture and language to love me?! Seriously, if it hasn’t worked out so far; well, then maybe I should see what else is on offer?

And this is where I gave in. He asked to take me out so I said yes. I think he was so shocked, he actually didn’t believe me! We went to the cinema last night. Did I mention that he’s hot?!

I drove. He told me I looked nice and that I smelt good. Brownie points for C (I’m so easily pleased!). He paid for the tickets (I did offer) so I bought the food. We saw Pineapple Express. He was attentive. Listened to what I had to say in the car. He held my hand and didn’t try anything (which I take as being gentlemanly!). Gave me his jacket when I mentioned I was cold (hot!) On the drive home, we spoke about religion and our beliefs. Arriving home, we sat in the car just talking about random rubbish.
He was the perfect gentleman and gave me a very beautiful hug as we parted company.

The only thing is now – he knows where I live if it all flops!


15 thoughts on “Giving In

  1. Well my dear if he truly is a gentleman, he’ll be a friend to you after it flops (unless you shatter his fragile heart to a million pieces with a few choice kickboxing moves that is πŸ˜‰ ) But whats wit the negative attitude πŸ˜› no, no, no its NOT gonna flop.. Its gonna be super cool like the Antarctic. unless you want it to flop that is… :S am I raving? I must be high, that and relationships are complicated.. πŸ™‚

  2. haha this reminds me of an episode of “how i met your mother”.. season 3, episode 11 to be exact! chk this link out to get an idea..abt da culture thing.. sure, maybe it needn’t be so restrictive.. religion on da other.. not so sure abt tat…

  3. hmmm so persistence DOES pay off;) well personally i think u should sit back and enjoy getting to know someone from a different cultural background on a more personal level. if anything at all, you’ll learn a lot. about him as well as yourself!

  4. I was smiling by the end of the post.. and realized it was a label too πŸ™‚ Hot and sweet is a compelling combination! I wouldn’t worry about this guy knowing where you stay.. he seems to understand ‘personal space’ very well.. don’t think he will bug you at all.. if things don’t work out. But if you are worried about getting hurt.. take things slow.. hot and sweet is worth raking in slowly πŸ™‚ all the best!

  5. O! and I forgot to mention how while reading your post.. was felling a sense of tension till I hit the words “That’s not where I’m giving in though” and then a sense of relief. phew!! πŸ™‚

  6. ooh he sounds like a catch! dude, dont let ethnicity get in the way. its always funner to date someone who’s of a different race or religion. that way you learn so much about each other than the usual ‘oh you like kiribath? me too!’ thing. and if it ends, you take so much away too.

  7. Dili: Lol! I am the most rubbishest and tamest kickboxer I know! And slightly raving but it’s all welcome here!Gehan: Nice link! I do see how it could go pear shaped but we’ll see. And for me, I am comfortable within my own religion but I l ove my culture!Sach: That implies that you have already answered the other question you asked a while back when you questioned if you knew me! So sad girly – sort it out!The Whackster: It totally pays off! Lol – I have a lot to learn about him.Deecee: Exactly!JP: Not too much but slow and steady wins the race!Uhu: Thank you (and for your second comment) and sense of tension why?Santhoshi: I will keep you updated!T: Fun – sure. But the heartbreak that you may have to endure – not so fun!LD: Bless you! Thanks! πŸ™‚

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