I Am Who I Am

I am Tamil and proud.

I am British and proud.

I am Sri Lankan and proud.

I am a girl trying to right the wrongs of the world.

I am the girl who is over her crush.

I am the friend that takes all your shit.

I am the daughter of an alcoholic.

I am the girl who is far too emotional for her own good.

I am the girl that wouldn’t change the above statement for anything.

I am the girl that dreams of giving everything up to travel but is scared of not having a regular income.

I am the girl that will not be broken by your continuous put downs.

I am the girl who will catch you if you fall.

I am the true love that you let get away.

I am the avid cloud watcher.

I am the sister that will support you in everything.

I am my own representative.

I am who I am because of everyone. © See the Orange Rock Corps ad!

I decided to write this post because I saw a link on another blog that basically linked to here with the link titled as “The Tamil Community in London”. I did leave a comment saying that I think it’s unfair that the blog author feels the need to tar all Tamils with the same brush. I am part of the Tamil community in London and these Tamils in no way represent me so how is it “THE” Tamil community in London? It’s a small few individuals. Obviously the comment didn’t stay up but it is their blog and they are entitled to write and publish whatever they want (as am I).


21 thoughts on “I Am Who I Am

  1. I am… inspired! :)I am also a bad, bad man, but that’s a different topic entirely… :Di love the “I am the true love that you let get away”.. very niize, very niize…

  2. Gehan: Like I’ve said before – I do try!Kalu: Awww – bless your heart. Thank you. And they are there to be shared!~ lo$t $oul ~: We are indeedy!LD: Awww – thank you.The Whackster: You’re far too kind. Thank you.Santhoshi: Thanks.Sach: I love cloud watching. there is something so peaceful and calm about them!Dili: There’s simply no need for that but thank you! :)Sapphira: Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the advice.. even more for the hugs. I do feel a little better.. its tough though.. not used to be not hitched. My initial comment though… was about your post.

  4. Cool. I can just imagine an ad on TV with this stuff in it… Hmmm…And that is a shiny specimen of “bad” generalization. The serious kind.Nice blog!

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