So it’s been a while since I posted (something worthwhile that is!). The last week has been hectic – a night on the tiles over the weekend followed by a funeral are a few of the things that I’ve had to do. However, this isn’t a depressing post so don’t worry Gehan!

Today B and I had one of those “free” studio makeover things (FSMT). Firstly, I use the term “free” loosely but secondly if you don’t know what a FSMT is; it’s when a studio offers to do your hair and make up professionally and then you get professional photos taken by a professional photographer (overuse of the word professional – sorry!).

So off we went – to Covent Garden with a change of 6 outfits between us. On a side note – I love cool crisp Autumn mornings when there isn’t a cloud in the sky…. but another post altogether.

Arriving at the studio, we were greeted by their representative who made us feel very welcome, asked us to fill in a few forms about what kinda make up and hair looks we might like to see.
I filled it out mentioning that I would like loose curls. For the record, I have tight corkscrew curls naturally but most often than not wear it straight because it’s so much easier to maintain.

Sitting in the chair, the hairdresser curled my hair with straighteners – how crazy is that?! And then it was time for the make up artist to work her magic – believe me, only a miracle would help her! However, she did an awesome job and I didn’t look too badly even if I do say so myself! B looked equally as amazing with hot smoky eyes and beautiful backcombed hair!

Time for photos meant lots of outfit changes (well, 3) and a lot of awkward poses. I’ve been told that my smile is one of my best features so I couldn’t help but smile even when he (the photographer) told me not to and to try and look sultry and moody!

After that, it was time to view our photos; a “private viewing” – a chance to see a slide show of all the photos that had been taken. All 65 of them. We did look good. Modest as I am, they did a fab job! Then came the prices.

Lady from FSMT: So if you want all 65 photos onto a disc, that’ll cost *punches numbers into calculator*…. £6150.00

B & I: *falling off our chairs* WTF? HOW MUCH?! Lady, is YOU crazy?! We don’t look that good.

LfFSMT: OK – well I can bring it down to £2000

B&I: Yeah, that’s still not really within our price range!

LfFSMT: *look of “Oh my Lord – am I going to get a sale out of these two?!”* Offers a various number of other “packages”

B and I were resilient to the end (B works in sales – thank God she was there!). In the end, we got 2 prints. Yes, that’s right 2 out of 65! We’re so poor!

But it was a wonderful experience and because B has been having a rough time lately – it was all mainly for her. And this post is for her – even though she’ll never read it! Love ya girly!

P.S. If this blog wasn’t anonymous – I’d have posted a pic! 🙂


7 thoughts on “HOW MUCH?!!

  1. T: Well, with sales – they do try and make you buy stuff but luckily B is stronger than I so we (she) basically said “Thanks but no thanks!”.Gehan: Thank you?Uhu: Not free at all but I didn’t expect it to be so much. The joy of being anonymous I guess…~ lo$t $oul ~: I don’t think unless it’s wedding pictures or something along those lines – it should ever be that much!N: Totally crazy huh?Kalu: You always make me smile! Thank you!

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