I Just Don’t Get It!

I will never understand women. Don’t get me wrong – I am one. But I seriously will never get it. Why do we insist on being so random?!

I just need to vent and put this out there (here).

I’ve been a lil’ busy lately. My new job (even though it’s only been a week) is taking it’s toll. I sometimes don’t get home until well past 7 ish!

Despite this, I’ve done my best to keep in contact with my friends. This has worked more so with B and A because I’ve called them and they’ve called me.

B has been going through a tough time and I am doing my utmost to be there for her. Sometimes she has phases where she goes MIA and now is one of those times. I know the situation well enough now to leave her to it and know she’ll call me when she’s ready.

However, she’s been MIA for a few days so I called, text and FBed her (a lilstalkerish maybe but I just wanted to make sure she’s OK).

I told her she can talk to me as well. I’ve noticed long wall to walls with her and RL and yes, I felt slightly disgruntled (God, I’m pathetic!) but following this – surely you can see why?

Imagine my surprise when she text me back saying she feels as though our friendship feels “weird”. WEIRD?! WTF?! I thought things had been fine between us! I hate people who do this. If you have a problem with me, then tell me. What do you think is the worst that is going to happen?! I’m not going to take out a contract against you!

It just pisses me off that women are so fucking emotional!


15 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Get It!

  1. Oh dear…ditto on that, I generally can’t be arsed chasing people up and asking them what’s wrong if they can’t be arsed to tell me if they have a problem with me. Goodluck with this!

  2. 😀 two women, agreeing with another woman, that they cant understand women … i feel like im in da twilight zone o something…..@sabby: I KNOW!! we do a pretty decent job, come to think o it, huh?! 😀 lol..

  3. To be fair, this behaviour is more a character trait than a gender trait, but you’re right, we can all be a bit wtf at sometimes.I just read the post you had linked to – maybe RL is stirring things again? Especially if they’ve been having heart-to-hearts as B’s fb wall tends to portray.There’s usually a guy at the root of all such problems. You sure you’re not inadvertently spoiling someone’s amorous plans? Not that you should change anything you do, but it might explain things.Good luck!

  4. oh maaan… I know how this is…What I learnt, try asking them once or twice.. and if they don’t bother, just leave it!They eventually come around..and you can smile coz the guilt will be eating them up inside out later..:) and hey, you can always say you tried..:)

  5. pshhht… women… I have to agree with Darwin on this, if they cant be bothered to actually say it out loud and get things straightened, they can go and chat it over with the devil for all i care.. 😛

  6. totally agree with Darwin! I used to get very bothered and upset, and say sorry before I even knew why, but toughened up now 🙂 Just say you don’t notice anything different, reassure her that nothing is wrong, and forget about it.

  7. Darwin: I know. There’s only so much chasing I can do. Thank you!Sabby: At least we know that men don’t understand women. Women are supposed to understand women – have that empathy thing and yet we just as clueless (well I am anyways!).Gehan: Are you comparing my blog to the Twilight Zone? You were right – only non constructive comment! :-PUhu: Taking me for granted – perhaps….Pseudorandom: Maybe – considering I haven’t spoken to either, who knows?Gerald: Erm.. I don’t know if that’s directed at me but I never said I’m perfect…LD: Trying’s what I do best!Finrod: Women? Maybe – but at least we admit we have our failings! :-PDili: Just like what I told Finrod and Darwin!Deecee: At times like this – definitely!PP: Thank you.Wonderor: I can but try.~ lo$t $oul ~: Thanks!I just want to say thank you guys (even if it is it cyber space) for the kind words! 🙂

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