Oh My Good Lord!

It is unbelievably cold! I mean come on, we haven’t even ended October yet and yesterday we had sleet which turned to snow. What is up with this global warming malarkey?!

Don’t get me wrong though. Winter is one of my favourite seasons. I love those cool crisp mornings where there is that distinct chill in the air and yet the blue sky is clear for miles on end without a cloud in the sky. You don’t seem to be able to feel the Sun’s heat despite it shining blazingly in the horizon. And the air you exhale is made up of cloudy puffs.

I’m not what you call an early bird but I don’t mind getting up in the mornings – it’s just the initial leaving my warm, cosy bed that always puts me off. But there’s something (to me that is) comforting about getting up when it’s dark.
Wrapping up warm – making sure you have your gloves, scarf and anything else that is likely to keep the bitter wind avoiding contact with your skin.

There’s something about it that reminds me of Dickenson’s era. The glow from the street lights and people huddled against the cold – it comforts me.

That’s enough random rambling though.

With regards to the last post – It’s still not sorted but higher powers have got involved and advised me not to. So I’m not going to. At the end of the day, I’ve tried to do my best by everybody but there’s only so much I can do.
But A has been an absolute star – bless him. I didn’t tell him anything about it. I only told him that I needed some space and time to sort it out. I try not to get friends involved in family shit (serious issues I know!). But I tend to deal with those kind of things on my own or with my siblings.
Despite me telling him this – he text every day to ask me to meet up, and checking I was OK. And to me, that was much appreciated. I think it’s because he flops so much and I help him fix it – he wanted to pay his dues!

And B and I – well, that’s not sorted but we’re meeting Friday I think to try and sort things out… We’ll see how it goes I guess!


6 thoughts on “Oh My Good Lord!

  1. You have the third vote as well – GW is rubbish, literally…But damn, I can’t figure out how you can get up early in the morning – all I want to do is sleep as long as I want. But of course I can’t… LOL

  2. Global warming is cool. It makes it rain when it's supposed to be warm.I ❤ Global Warming.Naysayers can bugger off….And you live in England. What do you expect? :P-Jerry

  3. It is pretty cold! And what’s worse are the cloakroom queues at clubs. What’s worse than even that are the nights you don’t take a coat out because you can’t be arsed with the queue. Stupid winter :(Even stupider students!

  4. Gehan: Not when it makes it warmer?RD: Not so bad this week!Sachintha: I guess it’s something that I know I have to do!Gerald: There is nothing wrong with living in England!Sapphira: Been there and done that my love. Drink copious amounts of alcohol before you go out and you won’t feel a thing!

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