Missed Opportunities!

A and I went out last night. It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other and I guess we had stuff to talk about. I really enjoy his company because it’s just so comfortable.

A certain blogger text me (yes, I have exchanged numbers with a fellow blogger!) saying to have a nice time with A which made me smile. The familiarity that A has on my blog is lovely.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before but A is my cinema buddy. Basically, we have these unlimited cards that we pay a small amount for each month and then we can see as many films as we want. They’re only valid at a certain chain but that’s OK because we have one within equidistance of where we both live. Over the last 10 months – we’ve seen a lot of films.

We met about an hour earlier and bless him, he bought me a milkshake (this is a big deal because he is poorer than I am!).

I love the fact that we don’t have to make the effort with each other. That we can turn up in our scraggiest clothes and not judge. Yesterday he looked like such a tramp; it actually beggared belief!

A was telling me about what’s been going in his life – love, money, family – the normal stuff. Obviously I was listening but at some point a HOT guy walked past.
I think that sometimes people walk past A and I and assume we are a couple. Though we don’t look like one. We’re hardly suited. You know, we do slouch against each other now and again but if you listen to our conversations, they mainly consist of him telling me “Your face is dust!” and me retaliating “You’re balding!” (you gotta love it!). Hardly whispering sweet nothings to each other!

Anyways, the hot guy walked past and he looked at me, looked at A and then looked back at me. So I did what any single girl would do – I smiled and he smiled back. And as he walked passed and carried on walking (away sadly), he looked back, shrugged his shoulders and smiled some more. A was completely oblivious to this. Would he have approached me if A wasn’t there? We’ll never know (I’m only saying that he was potentially slightly interested because guys never usually smile at me!).

We decided to watch Burn After Reading – A Coen Brothers film. The last Coen Brothers film we saw was No Country for Old Men – the ending of which left us well and truly stumped. I mean, we left the cinema thinking “WTF just happened?!”. You think we’d have learned but clearly no. Again, the film ended and again we sat there for about 5 minutes after the credits had finished rolling looking at the screen in utter disbelief. I get that it’s satire. Seriously, I do. Both great films but the ending left me slightly confused. Seriously!

Before we parted company, we hung around the foyer just talking (A, if and when you read this – you said when we both get married to our respective partners, we’re going to do a road trip across America – you love me!) and laughing and then he did something unexpected – he gave me a hug. This doesn’t happen very often unless it’s after a night out which is probably coz he’s drunk.

Again – you didn’t dun mess up last MBF!

Totally random post with nothing at all interesting but I wanted to document it!


3 thoughts on “Missed Opportunities!

  1. rats, u keep seeing da movies i wanna see! last time was pineapple express, and now burn after reading! lucky bum… generally men assume that when a guy and a gal are tog that they’re “together”.. so da fact tat u still got a smile from him means a lot! :)btw i am highly offended… i have been tryin to get ur number for months..! wat did i do wrong?! is it my pointy ears?! 😛 lol…!

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