What was supposed to be a coffee after work with B to sort out her issues turned into a night of wine fuelled heart to heart. She explained her side of the story. One example of where I did do the wrong thing blown out of proportion, and fanning her insecurities and paranoia. But I listened, apologised and said that I would try to sort it out. I guess we’ll have to see how things go…

But like I said – it was completely wine fuelled and thus, completely honest. I wasn’t out too late but am actually surprised that I managed to find my way home. I think there was a lot of swaying and a lot of physically keeping my eyes open. Getting off the tube, I tried to find my ticket and fiddled with it for about 5 minutes trying to get it in the barrier. I vaguely remember the look of disdain on my siblings’ faces as I got into the car…

At home, I have some recollection of Amma towering over me as I tried to fall asleep in the landing. She didn’t look amused! I don’t think I will ever live this down!

RL and me also had a bit of a “put it all out there” last night. She is not impressed with me. Maybe I have been a bit of a lame friend recently. But her issue is with me and A. I know she introduced us and maybe I should do more to include her but it does slip my mind sometimes and I am going to consciously do something about that.

I don’t think what some of my “friends” realise is that my family will always come before them. If that means having to give up my social life and not returning calls as frequent as I should – then so be it.


3 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Aww…hope everything gets sorted out soon, hun!Sucks that your friends seem to be giving you trouble when you have other issues to be worrying about as well*hugs*

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