You Gotta Love Monday Mornings…..

A slightly different variation on Gutter’s episode of Monday mornings.

So I walked into my local shop by the tube station today. I would try and type this in Thanglish but it wouldn’t do it justice!

Cute – ish guy who works in the shop (CGWWITS):
Are you from SL? (In English)

Me: Yes. (In English)

CGWWITS: Tamil ah? (In Tamil now)

Me: Yes I’m Tamil. (In English)

CGWWITS: Are you working or studying? (Brownie points for thinking I still look young enough to be studying! – In Tamil)

Me: Yes I am.

CGWWITS: Oh. Whereabouts? (Still in Tamil)

Me: Mentions a vague area of London.

CGWWITS: Oh, ok. So what’s your name? (In Tamil still)

Me: Thank you, bye… *pays for goods and literally legs it out of the shop* (Definitely in English!)


9 thoughts on “You Gotta Love Monday Mornings…..

  1. aney bung!!! I though you said he was CUTE?!?! So what if he was a bit stalkerish as well…he WAS cute was he not? (In kaisers kingdom thats all that really matters! :p ) hehe you should have given him your number and gone through the trauma of changing it all because of him…im contradicting myself arent i?…hmmm….*walks off before he says stupider things* Buh bye you! hugs!

  2. Gehan: If only you knew!Pseudorandom: Yeah – clearly! *please note the voice dripping in sarcasm*Jerry: “Heh” HUH?!JP: Because my heart is on my sleeve I’m just putting out more?! :-PKC: Oh my God – the trauma of changing numbers. I defintely do not want to go back there!And the cloud thing is cool no? I like! 🙂

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