Being Above Average

That’s right, I’m above average. I’m modest enough to accept it. I mean, it’s hard enough right, being above average let alone not having the ability to take it gracefully!

Well, I am above average according to this. Clearly they didn’t question me because if they had, I would have been maybe one of few anomalies. Because I am a cry baby. Seriously. I cry at everything. Well, maybe not everything but most things. For example (and not short of putting myself out there to a barrage of ridicule from you guys); I cry at One Tree Hill, most Tamil films, some English films, every Disney film, when Appa or Amma shout at me, when my siblings shout at me, when my siblings fight with each other and it has nothing to do with me(!), when I bang my knee on the table leg – OK, not quite but you get what I mean?

But yesterday I was just couldn’t help myself. And I had good reason too. It started off with my normal journey to work where I picked up a free paper and the front page was regarding this story. I couldn’t help myself. I actually welled up on the train – in front of other people! How can people find it within themselves to do this kind of thing?! And how in the world does a country that is supposedly developed allow this kind of thing to happen?! I was so upset that I had a few concerned looks but managed to compose myself without making too much of an idiot out of myself.

If that wasn’t enough, I watched this last night. WTF?! Seriously, it was some disturbing viewing for the sheer fact that these poor children had been (and continue being so) ostracised and mistreated. I was literally sitting there with those silent tears (you know those ones I’m such a big fan of!).

What is wrong with the world?!


9 thoughts on “Being Above Average

  1. Yes, scrumps, I cry at movies, I cry when I see someone hurt, specially children. But to see the links you gave, yes, I want to say WTF aloud. But my families theory is one child at a time, and we do! But you can never do enough!

  2. I know exactly how you feel re the news. It’s awful! I’ve been listening to the radio today and the three main news stories have all been about children being mistreated…by their parents. It’s nauseating.

  3. Interesting stuff in the first article…crying is therapeutic I have to agree. I lost someone very important to me this year and I’ve cried only once about it…but that came at a moment that everything seemed to tower over me and almost overwhelm me…and crying then helped. I might take some time out at the end of this year, think more about what I lost and maybe cry again…to cheer me up. Does that sound weird?

  4. Kalu: I know. It sucks huh?Pseudo: Completely and utterly mental!N: Crying is completely therapeutic. I think sometimes you do need to cry in order to cheer yourself up. I totally get it!Deecee: At least I’m not alone! 🙂

  5. A girl I dated said that the ability to cry was God’s gift to her! I do cry, don’t like to 😦 tears often get mixed with anger. Feeling angry now with those disgusting pastors who are making those children suffer… if only I could torture a few of them! (not even kidding)

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