Lamest Post Ever

I was (hoping) thinking I’d got missed out in the “I’ve never” tagging (all together now: Awwww). However, Gutter (bless her heart) apparently wants me to join in. Thinking about it – I don’t really have a list of normal “I’ve never”s. Here goes though:

I’ve never:

  • Told a guy I’ve had feelings for him (outside of a relationship that is).
  • Been so stumped as to what to write in a blog post as I am now!
  • Told RL that I think she’s the most annoying person I know (right now that is).
  • Taken any drugs (unless you’re including alcohol in which case this statement doesn’t really apply!).

OK – this is far too lame!

  • I’ve never written such a lame ass post (IMHO)!

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