It’s Party Time!

I have been so busy with stuff. Not even good stuff. Just random stuff. It all kicked off with RL. She wants me to tell A about how I felt because it’s affecting her relationship with A. WTF?! Why does how I felt affect your relationship?! That’s fucking stupid! So she tried to get me to tell him but I didn’t want to. What does she think it’ll achieve? Stupid stupid girl with her holier than thou fucking halo (which isn’t so fucking holy!)

But that’s rubbish. I went to a Venetian Masked Ball on Saturday night – at the Hilton hotel (very classy!). My work had their annual award ceremony/Christmas party so I went. It was all very fancy. I was thoroughly impressed with the decor (photos attached at the bottom!). I wore a saree that was a similar colour to my mask (courtesy of my trip to Las Vegas) and managed to get a few compliments. I would post a picture of me with the mask – but I think it still shows too much!

Upon entrance, we were treated to a champagne reception followed by the award ceremony which was touching considering the year that my employer has had. Then a very wonderful three course meal. And then we had entertainment in the form of an Opera Quartet (who were amazing!).

It was all very cool and my words won’t do it justice so here goes!

The cool masks on the wall!

The cool fireworks that came out of the candelabra – picture a whole room lit up with these!

A selection of our table masks – guess which is mine?


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