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Of the day!

Quick update:

Sister graduated – yay! Had job interview today and has a second interview tomorrow – more yay!

I saw Michael McIntyre live on Friday night (you tube him – you won’t be disappointed. I am being lazy so will put up the link over the weekend!). He was amazing. So funny and such good clean humour! Love it!

And last but not least – New York in 2 weeks! Woooooo!! *does Chandler-esque dance*

Sorry for the bombardment of posts!


7 thoughts on “Last Post

  1. new york…new yoooork… *sad stab at doing the singing thing* Cool! 🙂 Oh and on the other blog, I got annoyed at ppl commenting on my personal views and created that to rant on verry personal stuff (duh, i know), BUT i hardly update it…soo…:) hehe

  2. Kalu: You are far too sweet. Thank you!T: I will be there from the 9th Dec. I’ll email you. Bring the Guyanese twins! ;)Sapphira: UCL rocks! And yes I did.Deecee: I know. Not to worry!Jerry: You’re quite right.Utter truth: I had to delete your comment. Apologies.

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