A Four Year Old and Me

This should have gone in my I’ve nevers but tonight for the first time ever – I am babysitting. And by first time ever, I mean someone who isn’t related to me.

My colleague (R) has asked me to babysit her four year old daughter (P). I’m touched that R trusted me with this because she’s only known me 6 weeks. So I’ll be picking P up from nursery, taking her home and staying the night.

I met P the other night (so that she didn’t get totally freaked out when a 5’7 dark ass Sri Lankan turned up at her nursery wanting to take her home!). She’s beautiful and slightly scary. Is it possible to be scared of someone who’s 20 years younger than you?!
She came up to me after R introduced me to her and mumbled something incoherently about a biscuit and then proceeded to hug me. It wasn’t so much of a hug as it was a knee hug.

So there was R, P and I walking home (well P ran most of the way with her other nursery buddies). When we got to their house, P showed me all of her toys. Like all of them. And I think I may have been more excited than her. She had play dough, dolls, a playhouse, a lil‘ mini shop and so much more. Totally brought out the child in me (not that it needed much effort!). I left thinking that it’ll be good fun and I’ll have an excellent time.

But in less than half an hour, I’m off to babysit. And I am freaked outta my mind!


11 thoughts on “A Four Year Old and Me

  1. Pseudo: Thank you! Envious is not the term I would have used…Gehan: A bit more confidence in my skills please!Finrod: Bloody hell! How old did you think I was?!LD: The post is in draft!~ lo$t $oul ~: Have you and Gehan been comparing notes?Angel: Were you watching?! *blush*Santhoshi: You’ll know soon enough!Thé Doc: Thanks! I will deffo get around to it!Uhu: Bless your heart! Always one to say nice things to me. :)Nifraz: Erm… yeah?

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