What’s Going Around

People get bare tag happy in the SL blogosphere don’t they?!

So before I get feeling left out when nobody decides to tag me (awwww), I’m just going to write it as it is!

I don’t tend to have any resolutions. If I did, they would have gone like this:

  • Try not get as much road rage (broken at 02:35 01/01/09)
  • Try not to swear (broken 02:37 01/01/09)
  • Try not to eat that much take out (broken 15:05 01/01/09 whilst at the pub)
  • Lose a lil’ weight/tone up – shit that will never happen let alone get an opportunity to be broken!

As you can see, the whole process would have been sooo pointless that it would have been a waste of time even trying!

So instead, I’ve decided to do actions. Things that I need/want to do by the end of 2009. These involve:

  • Doing my bit to aid the combat of climate change. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a tree hugger but I do want to do my lil’ bit. So, I will be turning off unnecessary lights, printing on both sides of the page, turning off my monitor (though not when writing a post!) and trying not use my hair straighteners that much (a whole load of energy in itself!).
  • Learn sign language.
  • Go on a digital SLR beginner course.
  • Attempt to learn the flute.
  • Only spend Β£50 a month on any extra curricular activities (like going out partying, clothes I don’t need, make up that might make me feel good).
  • Spend time with those that matter,
  • No more drama (though it does entertain me when I read back on previous blog posts!)!

And last but by no means least – learn to say NO. Seriously. No means no. What’s that overly friendly hot neighbour (it started off so well but he’s started to leer at me now!)? You want to show me a good time? No thank you. But it’d be really good fun? Yeah, no thanks. What do you mean I’m giving off signals that I want you? For the love of God, NO! Clear enough signal for you?!

I think this might be the most important one too. I seem to get myself into predicaments where guys seem to think I’m interested in them when I’m not. Just because I’m willing to hang out with you does not mean I want you.

So there it is – in all it’s glory.

Happy New Year to all! πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “What’s Going Around

  1. “Just because I’m willing to hang out with you does not mean I want you”the anthem of every woman.. lol…amen to no more drama! tho road rage?? really?? lol i guess tat demon is in every human with a pulse….cheers! πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t use hair curlers either. I guess i can rest assured that I’ve done my bit for the green team.;)Using a DSLR can get pretty easy once you get around the controls. Just have a sit down with it and put it through the paces. Look around. Explore. Each manufacturer, and most of the time most models, has a different interface. Once you get the hang of it, check online for more advanced techniques that you can use, as those usually apply to any cam. But most of all, just have fun with it, and soon enough you’ll know it like the back of your hand.Merry New Year!

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