Scrumpy’s Antics

I’m still relatively new at my job so it’s a constant learning process (my line manager loves to hear that!). It also means that I’m constantly meeting and being introduced to a bunch of people whose names I am never likely to remember.
Obviously we all have ID cards and the majority of people tend to wear them around their neck so it’s usually hanging around the navel area. I’m one of these people.

Today, I was standing around doing what I do best (nothing) when a member of staff who I’ve yet to meet/work with (X) came up to me.
She pointed at my navel area so thinking that she wanted to know my name, I enthusiastically flashed my card saying my name. X shook her head at me and mumbled something at me. Oh, she didn’t want to know my name. Fair enough. I assumed she wanted to get to the drawers behind me so I moved out of her way. Again, she shakes her head and still mumbles.
Erm.. look of confusion starting to register on my face – do I have something on my top? Looking down, I see that I don’t so I say “I’m sorry?”.
“Your zip!” she mentions far louder than the mumbling she had earlier exhibited!
How embarrassed was I?!

The other incident which wasn’t nearly as embarrassing. I leave my house about 7:45 to get to work. I live in a quiet cul-de-sac and because of the recent Arctic like temperatures that Britain has been experiencing, I’m careful about my footing. Tuesday morning was particularly icy.

As I walk out, I see a man walking/slightly limping across my road. Just as I’m about to put in my earphones, I hear a thud. I turn around to see the man on the floor. So being me, I ask him if he’s OK. He says he’ll be fine but he didn’t seem to be able to pull himself up. I asked him again because at this point he was dragging himself across the (albeit small) gap on the pavement to the nearest garden pillar.

As I watched him try to drag himself up, I could see he was struggling so I asked him if he was OK. By this point, I could see that his legs weren’t that strong – something of a dead leg as such which blindly explained the limping so I asked him if I could try to pull him up. Holding both his hands, I tried to pull him up but I couldn’t. We tried again with him using the post for leverage but I just couldn’t get him off the floor.

He was starting to get a bit worried about how he was going to get up so I told him to hang on – I’d just quickly run back home and get my brother who’d come and help us. Waking up my sibling who hasn’t got anything to do at the moment because he’s off university at that Godforsaken hour wasn’t about to go down to well until I quickly stammered out I needed his help. Along he came and lifted the guy up from behind with not that much effort – bless his heart!

It’s the little things that make you smile.


5 thoughts on “Scrumpy’s Antics

  1. I’ve always wondered how you can point it out without being too obvious. I once spent a good 15 minutes standing in a bus with my handbag in a strategic position until I could find a place to scuttle off to and pull the zip up again! 🙂

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