Is It So Wrong?

When you find someone attractive but you don’t know what they look like?

When you haven’t spoken to them?

When they have no idea you exist?

But there’s something about the way they write, their style of blogging – indeed their blogs themselves that just make them seem so attractive that you’re compelled to want to email them in a bid to get to know them better?!

Yeah, that just about sums me up – completely and utterly mental!


10 thoughts on “Is It So Wrong?

  1. lol…. sounds familiar.. 😉 i guess ppl who are naturally drawn to a persons personality will all identify with ya…so yall can have a nice discussion in da mad house 😉

  2. Sabby: I’m pretty sure we’re the normal ones and everyone else is mental honey! ;)Gehan: You’ve been there before if it sounds familiar – you’ll be joining us in the mad house then?!DeeCee: They couldn’t want for a better admirer. :)T: The key must be not to meet them – keep the dream alive!Black: Well, not so loony if most of these people have been there? :)The Unsilent: I hope not too! ;)Middle Child: Lol – Am I being too optimistic to think it could work?Spice: I know how you feel. There are a fair few bloggers out there that I think write absolutely gorgeously! So sad to be so smitten!Isheeta: Right back atcha! 🙂

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