Edited to Add

I’ve had a busy few days what with the whole of London coming to a standstill, organising and having a charity fundraiser and getting a date (!) – it’s been tough.

All the blogging will be done over the weekend (hopefully) but this post, it’s the same as when you (well, me anyway) read the blogs of some of the female bloggers and you can’t help but wish you were their friend because they seem so damn cool!

And the more blogs I read, the more hotter guys seem to be out there… *swoon*


16 thoughts on “Edited to Add

  1. You know on reading some of the blogs…I wonder why every time I go down to SL I never meet smart, funny, cute girls…when there seem to be so many around (well I assume cute:))…at least judging from the blogosphere…

  2. Sabby: Care to enlighten us? *rolls eyes*N: Lol – coz I’m in London? (kidding btw!)DeeCee: He’s very welcome!JP: What I said to N – I’m here, T is NY, Sabby somewhere in the Middle East, Gutter – stressed out with work and DeeCee in a relationship. You guys just can’t get a break! :-PT, Gutter and Angel: Is this like a subtle way of getting me to expose who I have a blog crush on and getting ridiculed forever?! Not happening. Though I do have a soft spot for……Yeah – not happening!Chaarmax: I will also agree with you on that. Some illusions are best left alone!Thackshila: Well – a first time for everything no?

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