What I Didn’t Mean to Start!

So this post led to this post which leads to this post! Clearly I wasn’t being mental – I’m apparently quite normal it seems. And it seems that most of the Kottu girlies seem to have similar (and impeccable) taste!

I guess I should expose those that make me go *swoon*!

These are in no particular order and there will be no scoring system so you don’t need to figure out who I have the most hots for (though some of you may already know!)!

Ian S: Because he is hot! And he was the first (and to date only) blogger that I have met in person. He’s so polite, well travelled and has good stories. Did I mention that he’s hot?!

Dili: He’s 6’0″. There is nothing more to be said. But I like the way he writes and he’s always been very nice to me. He’s also gone missing! 😦

Kalu: Here’s a guy that channelled a new concept for a blog. He used his initiative – attractive. And he’s sooooo polite! He comes across as such a gentleman and I have no doubt that he is anything less. I know I said I wouldn’t be too specific but he is definitely one of my favourites!

Gehan: My very first blogging crush type thingy. It was and still is the voice. I remember it oh so clearly….. He writes well but that kinda took a back burner once I heard him!

Jack Point: Like the others say – tall, dark and handsome (modest too!) – I think some of his posts are awesome. I regularly read his blog though I don’t think he knows I exist…. *sigh*

N: He works with porn (or something along those lines)! And he takes awesome photos (not of the porn like stuff but like this) and that does things for me (the awesome photos not the porn…..)

Confab: I’m pretty sure he plays the guitar (HOT) but even if I’m wrong, his posts come across with the right sense of well balanced, not too cocky yet confidently attractive.

The Whackster: One of my favourites (there, I said it!). Sorry ladies, definitely don’t want to step on any toes but I agree wholeheartedly (if not a bit too much) with this one. My words can’t do him or his blog justice. *swoon*

Java – I very rarely understand some his posts (sorry!) and this just makes him all the more attractive (what can I say – I’m glutton for punishment!). I’m sure I could learn a lot from Java…..

Poet: Because he makes fun of my Tamil and because he and Sach knew who I was a lil’ early on. And his blog is so random with the cricket, The Bard and the heavy metal that I absolutely love reading it!

The Newbies: Guys, I have only recently started reading your blogs (apologies but since I got a new job I just don’t have time!). So even if I’ve mentioned you in the next couple of sentences – you definitely have an admirer in me!

The Unsilent
: Everything about your blog screams hottie at me. I think it’s the whole mysterious thing and you write so well!

: Because his blog is so random and…. Well it’s just so random. I love the fact that you write what you feel without giving it a second thought. That’s what it’s about – hottie! Though youngie!

PaparΓ© Boy
: The fact that you used an accented e (Γ©) turns me on like you wouldn’t believe! And you like Calvin and Hobbes. How awesome is your taste?!

MyPrerogative: You’re hot. It’s as simple as really. You like the Emirates, you’re hot, you have an awesome war cry, you’re hot and I really want to find you in that bar! You’re too young but definitely HOT!

OK – so now that I have named half of the blogosphere, exposed how much of a floozy I am and that I give a hell of a lot of free loving (it’s all good baby!) – I shall go hang my head in shame for all of 5 minutes!


18 thoughts on “What I Didn’t Mean to Start!

  1. T: Yeah – I got it a lil’ bad. It’s not my fault though!Jerry: You’re one of the craziest people out there!DeeCee: Well, I thought I’d do it properly!Gehan: Were you just mean to me and then tried to cover it up with a compliment? I’m not that much of floozy that I’ll be won over so easily!JP: Masked balls are fun! :)Dili: Awww! You are very welcome honey! Where have you gone/been?Sabby: Cute? I guess that works for me!Ian: Not so much a trend but you are welcome!Hijinx: Go see! Go see! :)Confab: You can play for me anytime! I’ll be there. Tell me where and when! ;)N: You know what I meant!The Unsilent: Awww. I’m still a newbie reading yours though. :)JJ: I try. I read them, between them, above them. I guess I’m just not enough of a literal thinker! But I enjoy what I do get!Whacky: Credit where credit is due!Kalu: 6’3″?! Are you serious?! You are so tall! But you’re my blogosphere sweetheart so Dili still has his cliam I’m afraid! πŸ™‚

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