Where I Am Going…

To Hell! For my thoughts!*

Because how can that girl have a fiancé and I don’t?! She’s rotund, short and has an OK face. Her personality isn’t that sparkling and sure, she’s a nice person but how can she have one and I don’t?!

And why do most of the guys (I want to notice me) not notice me?!

Yeah, Hell awaits me. If only because I’m coveting what I don’t have!

*Disclaimer: I’m just feeling sorry for myself and will get over it! I don’t mean to offend anybody!


13 thoughts on “Where I Am Going…

  1. *gasp* you evil evil being!!! hell is too good for you!!! :p heheh i kid! i kid! You dont have a boy and she does coz boys are stupid and havent a clue as to whats good for them! but for my sake dont tell the other boys i said so! 😉 NO! really! DONT!!!! :)have a great day! he’s out there…and if he’s not there always a silly little Kaiser and ALOT of hot girls!!! 😉 ps. I have issues. with time you will come to accept this and tolerate my nonsense…but till that day dawns mes is sorry for defacing your comments page!!! 🙂 *grins*

  2. 😀 haha i knew there would be a marriage rant in u somewhere.. ;)i have often wondered the same thing (though not wrt fiance’s) abt girls.. i mean, u see some very intelligent, beautiful, fun girls dating the most retarded scum, and it only makes u wonder what ur doing wrong.. lol… aargh…! see u in hell 😀

  3. coz some girls are so not-opiniated and boring that their relationships works just for the fact that they dont fight or have issues. …er..did i make sense? gah!

  4. you said it yourself! That’s coz u r too good and the best is yet to come.. and that’s why others are going off early so nothing blocks your way when the path for you is clear..:)*big hug*

  5. Pseudo: Join? I am a founding member!Kaiser: Awwww – you’re a sweetie! I will hold you to that when I’m 40 and not married! *shudders at the thought of not being married by 40*Gehan: It’s not a marriage rant. It’s an observation! :-PWhacky: Is that all it really takes to woo you guys?!Spice: Usually it’s not bad. I don’t covet too much but I guess it’s the backlash of seeing ll the wrong girls with all the right guys!Dee: You always make sense honey!T: Just to know that I won’t end up a lonely spinster?MP: It’s something that I’ll probably never get!LD: Awww – bless your heart. Thank you!Gutter: You can join mine and Pseudo’s club!

  6. u know how they have like pajama parties? yeah, all of us will join you in this party! we ALL go thru it.. most of us every other day!! aaaaaaaagh, so frustrating! a support group is in order!

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