Emotional Posts

I really shouldn’t write blog posts when I’m sitting here bawling my eyes out.

How is it that a few words can be so hurtful?

Do I take things too much to heart? Perhaps.

I know every family has it’s ups and downs. And I know that there are people out there who are going through so much worse if not more.

But how many times can I only be one parent’s daughter? What kinda conception does that make me? Or did the stork just drop me off?


8 thoughts on “Emotional Posts

  1. i think any grievance caused by family is hurtful, regardless of the degree of the sin… family is family.. they build u up and they also let u down..tc scrumps..!

  2. It hasnt been done yet, but Im sure if they did a survey, they would find that the root cause of ALL of life’s problems is… yep, family. The people we entrust to take care of us are the ones that hurt us the most.I dunno what more to say… except.. *hug*???? bug warm ones.

  3. Pseudo: Thank you. Definitely better out than in!Sabby: Thank you honey. :)Gehan: It’s always they ones you love the most that will hurt you the most.~ lo$t $oul ~ : I know, I know. Still doesn’t hurt any less though.Isheeta: Thank you!Spice: Totally therapeutic! 🙂

  4. This is the second post that I’ve read on this and I’m not sure what to say but you need to find a way of avoiding this.Its probably alcohol, not your parent that is talking, perhaps some thing can be done about that? On doctors orders perhaps? a no drink policy or something.Maybe AA if that is what it takes.If nothing else try talking to a counselor they may have some advice to offer, good luck.Your last post was very moving, nominated it for Cerno’s project.

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