If you’re as unfit as I am, or even slightly asthmatic like I am (hayfever induced!), getting older must be a bitch.

Seriously – I struggled to blow out all the candles on my cake! And the pressure was on because people were looking at me. Staring, as if to say “WTF is wrong with her?!” “Why can’t she blow out those candles?!” And all the time I was thinking “There are sooo many fucking on here! You try and give it a go!”

So for next time, I asked them to just get the numbers themselves rather than individual candles to add up to my age!


12 thoughts on “Struggling!

  1. dude! yeah the actual amount of candles on your cake kinda gets a bit nutsy as you grow older dunnit??:D I think they do it just to embarrass you anyways! 😀 happy belated birthday!

  2. T: I am so pleased I managed to amuse you! :-P~ lo$t $oul ~: Oh shush! Just about managed to finish!Paparé Boy: Thank you and yes – you already wished me!Ian: “Cheers”! ;)Dee: Why thank you! :)Gehan: “It’s me – Scrumpy”. Remember how Karma is a biatch?! I still have the convo saved! :-PPseudo: Thank you! Some sympathy is exactly what I needed! :)Blackexists: Sucks?! That’s an understatement! It’s my fault for asking for a cake!Spice: Thank you! Just get to to get the digit candles!

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