From One Legend to Another

RD is the SL blogosphere’s legend. Well, it’s between him and a few others but I’m pretty sure that RD is one of the oldest and not just in physical chronology but also virtual chronology.

But enough about him!

I am soooooooooo fucked off right now! Seriously! So fucking pissed off that I want to cry.

Michael Jackson announced he’s playing his last ever UK tour. So the fucking promoters decided they were going to do some pre-sale shit where if you registered early, they would send you a code and you would be able to buy tickets earlier than those released for general sale. I might not be MJ’s biggest fan, but he is one of the greatest all time legends of my era and seeing him live would be amazing I’m sure. Off I went and registered. 07:00 Wednesday morning, I logged on to the shitty website that is selling these tickets (they are fucking shit!) and it fucking crashed! I couldn’t even get on it. Hence I couldn’t get any tickets!

So I waited for general release this morning. I was on the PC and ready to go at 06:40! This is the time I usually get up to get ready for work but I was already dressed – knowing that I’d be there for a while.

07:00 – I searched for tickets again and I was put in a queue “Your wait time is 15 minutes or more”. OK – well at least I’m in a queue I thought to myself. 35 minutes later and it still says the fucking same thing. I really should have left for work by this point but hey, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity so I stayed.

Just as I was about to give up, the message changed – ” Your wait time is now 10 minutes”. Ooooooh, progress I thought to myself. So I hung around whilst the 10 minutes took 20 minutes to count down and finally, like the heavens had opened up, I saw this message: “Your wait time is less than one minute” Wooo hooo!

And 3 minutes later: “There are no tickets that match your search. There may be tickets for other dates that do. Search again.”

WHAT THE FUCK?! You kept me fucking waiting for nearly an hour and fifteen minutes to tell me there weren’t any tickets?! And it wasn’t just me that was searching. A and B were searching as well. And we all flopped!

AND the thing that FUCKS me off the most is the fact that nearly the whole world and his fucking dog (out of our social circle) have got fucking tickets and we don’t!

So if anyone knows anybody who knows anybody who could hook a girl up?! There is nothing short I won’t do (including selling people) to get some tickets!


10 thoughts on “From One Legend to Another

  1. Aww..a lot of my friends on fb have been expressing their displeasure too! Apparently there are tickets on EBay but they’re like £10,000 or something :S Although the tour promoter was talking on Radio 1 and said that they might open up more shows, so just keep an eye out!Good luck!

  2. Pseudo: I love you! You’re always so kind with your comments! Bless your heart. I’m trying but people are being so greedy!Gutter: If only you knew! :(Gehan: I clearly don’t have enough lables for you not to notice these things!

  3. Heard there were tickets at just 200… **fuck.. cant find the GBP sign** online….. hhmm… let me ask my friend, she’s psycho over MJ….if anyine can get them for you on the blackmarket, its her…

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